Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bedtime Stories [2008]

Director: Adam Shankman
Starring: Adam Sandler, Keri Russell, Guy Pearce, Courteney Cox
Points: 50 out of 100
Comment: "Exactly what the title suggests, nothing less, nothing more..."

This movie is something we have all seen before, but the title disguised the fact. It has that effect of throwing us off into thinking how there isn't any movie about bedtime stories. Although one might think that this is another film that pokes fun at it's own genre, it's nothing like Enchanted [2008].

Simply put, the story is about a hotel custodian who was entrusted by his sister to take care of her children while she's away. Having no idea of how to entertain them, he began making up bedtime stories of his own to put them to bed. But then funny things began to happen when the stories came true in real life.

While it's not a bore, it's not particularly impressive either. A major flaw to the film is that it is way too predictable. Granted, originality is hard to come by these days. But then again, I find myself being able to guess accurately the flow of the entire story barely five minutes into the movie. Perhaps I am being a bit too skeptical here, but all I'm saying is that this movie worth nothing more than a download than a RM10 ticket.

I caught myself thinking how much I miss my childhood, for this movie definitely brings it all back. How we like to imagine and dream and nothing is too crazy.

Points Calculation

The Good [+100]
- Fond memories of childhood
- Funny moments
- Keri Russell dressed as a mermaid

The Bad [-50]
- Predictability

100 - 50 = 50 points

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