Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kami the Movie [2008]

Directors: Effendee Mazlan, Fariza Azlina Isahak
Starring: Syarul Ezani, Liyana Jasmay, Nas-T, Ani Zayanah, Juliana Evans
Points: 85 out of 100
Rating: Teen (gangsterism, subtle drug references)
Comment: "Although there is something in it for everyone, you need to have some knowledge of the tv-series to actually care about the characters..."

So, they made us wait for quite some time before revealing to us what actually happened to Abu after the shoplifting incident, how Lyn is coping with the move to the city, whether or not Ali relapse to drug-abuse, is Adii still unlucky in love and if Sophie is still... well, Sophie. The good news, however, it was worth the wait. This movie was made with fans of the Kami tv-series in mind, but thankfully, that will not stop anyone from identifying the characters with real people.

Picking up exactly where the tv-series left off, the story of this movie revolves around the lives of five friends making the transition from adolescence to young adulthood.

It is a shame that they did not incorporate much of the story-telling method of the tv-series into the big screen. The story arc of the tv-series was told in a non-linear fashion; akin to reading chapters from a book. Personally, I think that was why Kami was such a popular tv-series. It's new, it's refreshing and it shows that we do have film-makers who does not condescend to the local audience. But I am not taking anything away from the production team, I appreciate how challenging screen-writing can be, so kudos to them.

Speaking of writing, one would definitely enjoy the dialogues that takes place throughout the movie for the resemble to what real people say in real life. Every character is there for a reason, and even the minor ones are very memorable; namely the warden of that reform school which Abu was sent to.

There isn't much else left to say about the movie other than it is such a shame that it went off the shelves much too early.

Points Calculation

The Good [+100]
- Plentiful of memorable characters
- Clever writing

The Bad [-15]
- Non-Kami fans might not enjoy it as much

100 - 15 = 85 points

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