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FPBM!'s Spotlight

FPBM! Spotlight is a new segment in the ever-growing FPBM! movie reviews blog *cough*. Basically what we do here is that we will put certain actors/actress in the spotlight (duh!). You probably know them already, but the actors featured here are some of FPBM!'s personal favourites, whose career have long been established and still going strong. That will be the criteria of those featured in this segment.


Date of Birth : April 7th, 1964
Nationality : Australian

Although he earned quite a reputation as a person who is a little short on temper, he has no shortcomings whatsoever when it comes to his talent. His breakout role was in Ridley Scott's Gladiator [2000], a collaboration that proves to be fruitful. To date, they have been working together for a total of four films (If all goes well, they will work together again in the upcoming Robin Hood movie in 2010). Combine Ridley Scott's visionary direction with Russell Crowe's ability to immerse himself into any role, I'd like to think that they complement each other's talent. It is safe to say that neither of them has made any wrong move so far. Keep up the good work!

However, this is not to say that Russell Crowe is only good when he shares credit with Ridley Scott. Russell Crowe has proven time and time again that he is an actor for real, and he has shown us the range that he has as an actor. You can feel that rush of adrenaline when he played a warrior in Gladiator [2000], you can feel his pain and suffering of his character even though it was just a supporting role in The Quick and the Dead [1995], and how can one forget the uplifting performance he gave in Cinderella Man [2005]?

Russell Crowe will top my list of favourite actors at any given time. No doubt he may not be the best ever, but if it means anything, FPBM! considers him a Hall of Famer.


Date of Birth : August 18th, 1969
Nationality : American

It's rather difficult for me to explain the appeal of this particular actor. He has a lot of range, that is true. But so does a lot of other actors. But Edward Norton has the kind of appeal that I cannot resist. Maybe it is because he is one of those actors who does not acknowledge his celebrity status. That way, he gets to maintain a little bit of mystery to his personal life. Therefore, he can be believable in many different types of roles. An actor through and through.

Perhaps most famously known for his lead role in Fight Club [1999] alongside Brad Pitt, Edward Norton is just one of those quirky actors who takes very risky roles that includes virtually everything from a priest to a pro-Nazi to the Incredible Hulk. I must say, FPBM! has never been disappointed with him so far. Although I doubt that anyone ever will.

Future projects include Leaves of Grass [2009] and Motherless Brooklyn [2010]

Date of Birth : January 30th, 1974
Nationality : British

Christian Bale first caught my attention playing the lead role of Cleric John Preston in Kurt Wimmer's Equilibrium [2002]. It was good. But like many other sci-fi flicks out there, one can't really see the range of those in the lead role. Then he played the Dark Knight for the first time in Batman Begins [2005]. His performance in Batman itself did not impress me by much, but he did caused quite a stir when I found out that he gained over a hundred pounds of muscle to play the Caped Crusader. It is that kind of dedication from an actor that intrigues me. That was when I began backtracking his career and saw his feature film debut in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun [1987].

His career began over two decades ago, and it is still going strong. His future projects include the soon-to-be-released Terminator Salvation [2009], Public Enemies [2009] alongside another great actor, Johnny Depp and also the Micky Ward biopic, The Fighter [2010].


Date of Birth : June 11th, 1986
Nationality : American

Believe it or not, I actually grew up with this guy. Well, it's not like we know each other personally. What I meant is that I have been following his career since his starring role in the Disney Channel series Even Stevens. Similar to how I feel about Edward Norton, I can't name any particular reason why he is an actor you should look out for. I suppose it is that guy-next-door aura wrapped around him that makes him so believable in the roles he has taken so far.

One thing I must say, however, his talents are going to waste by starring in no-brainers such as the Transformers franchise since he has proven so much in flicks such as Disturbia [2007] and Eagle Eye [2008]. I'm not saying that it is a wrong career choice or anything because, well... it is fashionale for Hollywood stars to have his or her name attached to a big-name movie project. I am just hopeful that he will star in more dramatic roles in the future.

Upcoming projects include New York, I Love You [2010].


Date of Birth : April 19th, 1981
Nationality : Canadian

Not much can be said about Hayden Christensen for he is a serious actor as well. Famed for playing Darth Vader in two of the Star Wars saga, he actually caught attention since his performance in Life as a house [2001]. Since then, he went on to act in Hollywood playing lead roles in movies like the suspense thriller Awake [2007] and the sci-fi Jumper [2008], both of which were highly successful - at least financially.

Future films to look out for include New York, I Love You [2009] and the crime thriller Takers [2010].


So there you have it. The first of the (hopefully) many to come of FPBM! Spotlight.

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