Friday, December 17, 2010

FPBM!'s Movie of the Year

Welcome to FPBM!'s Annual Award Ceremony.

Now, I'll be the first one to admit that I haven't seen every movie released in 2010, some of which are box-office hits. But I had always been picky about my choice of movies, most of the time I can sense if a movie is a waste of time. Like I always say, I simply write but you decide. So go split hairs someplace else.

And now, on with the awards!

Movie of the Year

This one is pretty much a no-brainer for me. Inception is easily the best movie ever screened throughout this year, and without a doubt a modern-day classic. Everything about the movie is clever, enchanting, captivating and thought-provoking.

As if an intriguing story isn't enough, Inception does not fall short in the technical aspects either. Already a great storyteller, Christopher Nolan applied all that he had learned during the production of big-budgeted and large-scale films such as The Dark Knight [2008], Batman Begins [2005] and perhaps to a lesser extent, The Prestige [2006].

The result? It made every other movies in 2010 appear mediocre.

Notable Mentions: The Expendables, How to Train Your Dragon, The Other Guys, Shutter Island, The Social Network

Star of the Year
Leonardo DiCaprio

Before you scream "Biased!!", allow me to give you my reasoning behind honouring him with this award. I'm just going to be truthful about this, prior to Inception, I didn't bat an eyelid to the career of this actor. I blame it all largely on James Cameron's Titanic [1997]. It's not at all his fault, really. In fact, much of it is mine; I tend to look elsewhere when Hollywood is transfixed on their flavour of the month. At the time I thought he was simply an ordinary actor who made it big due to his boyish good looks. Well, Titanic is a love story, what do you expect? It's grossly unfair to consider it as the pinnacle of his career.

The Aviator [2004] was the first one to ever hint me that there is more to this guy than just good looks. After all, Martin Scorsese (one of my favourite filmmakers) worked with him a couple of times, so I thought there must be something to DiCaprio after all. Slowly but surely, I began to backtrack his movies starting with The Departed [2006], Catch Me If You Can [2002], all the way to What's Eating Gilbert Grape [1993], and my admiration for him increased with every movie. After Inception [2010] was released, I was completely convinced.

I must say, there is hardly any movie starring him that I don't enjoy. So am I being biased? Hell no. If anything, this recognition is long overdue.

Notable Mentions: Mark Wahlberg, Gemma Arterton

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Ninja Turtleneck said...

di caprio is not bad in gangs of new york

his acting, not his looks

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