Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buried [2010]

Director: Rodrigo Cortes
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds
Genre: Thriller/Drama
Rating: General
Comment: "Brilliant. Just brilliant..."

Set in contemporary times against the Iraq War as the background, the story revolves around a U.S truck driver Paul Conroy, who wakes up in a coffin, buried alive in the middle of a desert. What follows are his attempts to make it out alive.

Just him, a Blackberry, a Zippo lighter and sheer wit...
What to Expect:
1. Ryan Reynolds flexing his acting muscles this time around.
2. The entire movie taking place inside the coffin.
3. Claustrophobia.

What NOT to Expect:
1. Actually seeing any supporting roles.
Upon hearing the premise of the movie, I just knew this is going to be a one-of-a-kind movie; a thriller bordering on horror because it tackles a universal fear among human beings (except maybe Spartans and the Samurai of the old days); Death.

What's worst than death? How about stuffed into a coffin, with no other view and no place to go, just counting the seconds until you die. That's pretty much what this movie is about.

Notice how I wrote "Ryan Reynolds" three times for the cast, this is no mistake. Although we hear voices of other characters via a Blackberry phone, the camera never gets away from Ryan Reynolds, effectively making him the only star of this movie.

I have to say I have a whole new respect for his acting chops. Generally perceived as a douchey romantic lead thanks to movies like Just Friends [2005] and The Proposal [2009]. To a greater extent, he garnered attention as a formidable action star courtesy of his work in Blade: Trinity [2004]. With Buried, however, he took it all to a whole new level.

You will not laugh, I guarantee it...
Again, as I did with 127 Hours [2010] one can't help but point out the lead actor's performance as he was literally the sole performer, it would be a gross injustice to take it for granted.

As for the movie itself, you'd be surprised that despite having only one character on-screen, things hardly get egocentric. The movie explores issues surrounding the Iraq War, greedy corporations, among others. Some of which may be a little too on the nose, but it hardly disrupts the experience.

I can't give the movie anything less than an A+.


Az said...

The movie was so good. I totally regret watching it. =(

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Regret? LOL... It was good!

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