Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coming Soon: The Green Hornet

I regret not covering this sooner, after I saw the trailer for the first time months ago. I remember getting excited about the movie, because I never had the chance to see the TV series starring the great Bruce Lee himself back in the late 60's. I hardly knew what was it all about, and I have a feeling that this movie will do to its franchise what the Star Trek [2009] movie did for the Star Trek franchise.

Bruce Lee, before the nunchucks...
Reasons to be Excited:
  1. Directed by Michel Gondry, known to favour practical special effects over CGI. Combine that with his flair for clever visuals, it's gotta be great.
  2. Starring some of today's most lovable actors in Hollywood; Seth Rogen, James Franco, Cameron Diaz, and not forgetting, Edward Furlong's return to the mainstream.
  3. A brand new take on The Green Hornet franchise
  4. Mythbusters did a The Green Hornet special!! w00t!
One thing though, I don't know how Jay Chou will do playing Kato. He could be good, I don't deny that. But knowing that established martial artists like Jason Scott Lee and Stephen Chow were considered prior to the casting of Jay Chou, you can't help but have doubts. Ah well, let's give the guy a chance, shall we?

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