Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's New?

It's not the first of January already, but still we are in the beginning of 2011 so I guess this post isn't really out of place. Believe it or not, I haven't been saving these minor changes for the new year, I've only came up with it only minutes prior to my review of The Fighter [2010]. As always, I rarely have a plan, I simply make things up as I go along.

Now, as you probably have noticed, I've decided to give this blog a bit of a facelift. In other words, I have a new approach towards movie reviewing. It all began simply as ramblings, but it has since evolved into a more eye-catching (I hope) and comedic reviews. It was only in mid-September had I began to include relevant screenshots from the movie into my reviews, but now I believe that people don't have as much time to browse through my reviews. This is the internet, after all.

And so I have revamped the reviews to this format. What makes it different from the my previous reviews is the inclusion of the "What and what not to expect" column. Naturally when we go for movies, we're always curious as to what the movie is trying to sell to us. I've decided to tackle this issue heads-on by doing what I do best; writing honestly.

You might complain of it being a spoiler, but truth is, I just want you to get your money's worth when you go for movies. More often than not, movie posters and trailers can be very deceiving; an issue I'd like to bring forward in my next article.

But for now I just want to let you know of this new format and I hope you will have as much fun reading them as I have writing them.

Live long and prosper,
Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies

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