Saturday, February 26, 2011

Complaints About Five Movies (By People Who are Completely Missing the Point)

For someone who isn't too prejudicial when it comes to movies, I must confess that I am a little sick of mediocre movies being hailed as the greatest movies ever. For example, there was this one time I was driving and I heard one of the DJ from tout Transformers [2007] as the best movie ever. I scoffed loudly even though there was no one around to hear me. But I eventually understood why he said that when I actually saw the movie.

Now, I am not suggesting that the average movie-goers are idiots. What I am saying is that plenty just couldn't be bothered to appreciate movies as anything more than just something to go on for dates, or to simply pass the time, and worst of all, to brag about how up-to-date they are. All these people need are unfunny comedies, movies with explosions, some gratuitous cleavage and perhaps some offensive stereotypes thrown into the mix.

Which is why it's hard when film-makers try to get clever, and they were met with blank stares followed by questions like;


#5 So our heroes failed? *%$@!
Movie: Watchmen [2009]

What was the point then?
Having superheroes and supervillains doesn't always mean that it will always be a simplistic battle between good and evil, especially if you consider that the human mind loves the gray area where we'll be free to bend the rules a little. Alan Moore knows that when he wrote the story.

Because that's exactly what it was all about; the gray area. Our protagonists are superheroes, and they often go out of their way to serve humanity and ensure world peace. Even if that means organising a nuclear-like attack on American soil, which will subsequently end the Cold War between USA and the Soviet Union by making them unite against a mutual enemy; In this case, Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen.

So did our heroes fail? Quite the contrary, they succeeded in bringing world peace. It's just that, it didn't end with fireworks and our heroes humping each other giving us the illusion that all was lost.

#4 So none of it happened? What was the point of that?
Movie: Mr. Nobody [2009]

Yes, none of it actually happened and most of the characters did not exist even in the movie universe. But why would you consider it a waste of time? Mr. Nobody is a spectacular movie about life, particularly the choices we make dictate how our lives will turn out. It was all wrapped up gloriously as science fiction.

So why go through all that trouble then? With all the special effects, jump-cuts and smash-cuts? Well, that's kind of the point. The movie illustrated the countless and all the unforeseeable circumstances that could stem from the most seemingly insignificant choices me make. That is why the ending was the intellectual equivalent to getting punched in the face. It just hits you so hard, makes you wonder how you missed all of the allusions scattered throughout the movie.

#3 How come Mamü got the front seat?
Movie: Papadom [2009]

What was the point then?
Okay, this one is actually a little joke about my so-called cameo appearance in 2009's Papadom. But I have been asked about it, and my answer is no, I did not choose to sit in front nor did I bribe anyone to shove my face in that camera. Initially I was at the seat right in front of Farid Kamil, but the assistant director called me to sit up front. I figured "What the hell..." and just went along with it.

I didn't care so much about making an appearance, I was more curious about the whole business going on behind the scenes.

#2 So Batman lost to the Joker? What a downer!
Movie: The Dark Knight [2008]

Again, you have to forget that you're not watching just any superhero movie. The Dark Knight was written and directed by Christopher Nolan and boasts a star-studded cast of actors like Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart. That alone should tell you that this is no kiddie ride.

We have discussed this earlier, and I have also mentioned that victory does not always involve fireworks and a celebratory make-out session. What happened was Batman won by losing. If that sounds contradictory, it is! Because that's the kind of hero Batman is. He is at a different level of philanthropy, one who would gladly sacrifice his reputation if it means it will serve justice in Gotham in the long run.

#1 But we don't know if Cobb is dreaming or not!
Movie: Inception [2010]

Probably the biggest complain of all the movies listed here. On one side I hear people stacking evidence saying that Cobb is dreaming, while there's another who does the same thing but insists that Cobb is back in the real world.

Just like the title stated, you are missing the point completely! Sure, the ambiguous ending called for these speculations to be made, but you have to remember this; A heist movie it may be, but Inception is very much character-driven. The ending could have just been a shot of him driving back home, or his children meeting him at the airport. But it's not, the ending that Christopher Nolan gave us serves the purpose of completing the character arc for Cobb;

After years of exile, and a long grueling battle to plant an idea inside Fischer's mind, Cobb is finally back home with his children. At that point, he just didn't care anymore. He just wants to be back home with his children and it didn't matter anymore if it's just another dream. That whole picture was reality enough for him.

Which is pretty much the idea that the movie has been trying to sell to us all along, that reality is a relative concept. And it was told in a mind-blowing fashion.


Ninja said...

I love all of the movies listed above except Papadom because I havent seen it (sorry Mamu!)... They make me really think hard... especially Mr. Nobody...

Among them, the movie I love the most is The Watchmen... I pity those who do not appreciate the message that is being conveyed by the movie...

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

hahaha... No apologies needed. I was only "guest-starring" in the movie. It was a good movie, but you can afford to miss it, unlike the rest of the ones listed.

charlie fa said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE inception.the whole idea,i love it.i might get a little obsessed with it.

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