Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breakthrough Roles #2

Anyone here have seen Airheads [1994]? Don't feel bad if you haven't. It wasn't that bad, although it's not the kind of movie you'd want to see more than once. Now, you'd be surprised to learn that three of Hollywood's most recognisable faces were the main stars of this movie. Have a look, I bet you'd recognise them straightaway;

The long-haired dude on the left is Brendan Fraser. Even though he wasn't exactly a nobody by the time he starred in this movie, much of his past works went unnoticed. Well I suppose you can say that Encino Man [1992] was kind of successful. George of the Jungle [1997] played a big role of putting his name out there, but he wasn't exactly a star until he starred in;

The man in the middle is probably the most "mainstream" of them all; funny man Adam Sandler.

Now this is a bit tricky. Adam Sandler had a string of hits after this movie, but it wasn't until The Waterboy [1998] when he struck gold, the movie grossed over $100 million.

Finally the third guy. A big gun in the movie industry, but not quite as well-known as other two, all the same he is one of my favourite actors, Steve Buscemi.

A hardworking actor, he has been working in the film industry for nearly ten years before... err wait a minute. He already had his break starring in Quentin Tarantino's directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs [1992] two years before starring in this one. *ahem* But still, that was a one time thing. It wasn't until;

It was after this movie that he got his string of hits like Con Air [1997], Armageddon [1998], Ghost World [2001] and so, so many others.

Oh, by the way. That guy on the left? That's Peter Stormare who had his break in the hit television series Prison Break [2005 - 2009] as the badass mafioso John Abruzzi.

Ring any bells?

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