Monday, February 21, 2011

Breakthrough Roles #3

I knew I've seen her somewhere before! Maybe it's because of all the special effects, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. But hell, I never forget a face. Recognise this girl?

The movie was Ghost Ship [2002]. A terrible, sad excuse of a horror movie. So I guess nobody would intentionally try to remember that movie. Or maybe she was too young to be remembered. Okay, how about this one?

Yeah, now we're getting warm. She starred alongside Jim Carrey here in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events [2004] and I'm sure you recognise her by now. Of course you do! We've been talking about her latest movie a couple of posts ago.

Yeap, she dyed her hair blonde and calls herself Baby Doll now, but that's Emily Browning, main star for the highly anticipated action fantasy movie Sucker Punch! I knew I saw those lips somewhere before.

*ahem* well anyway... Here's the next one;

This one is not too hard, because it's almost like his features barely aged as he grew up. The movie was Empire of the Sun [1987], I remember seeing this about a couple of years ago and I recognised him straightaway. Here's another look;

Right? Almost no difference between this photo and his adult self. He starred in many unforgettable movies in between - like American Psycho [2000], Equilibrium [2002] and The Machinist [2004] - prior to being cast as Batman, the role that pretty much catapulted him into superstardom.

That's all for now!


charlie fa said...

notice tak even when she calls herself "baby doll" she is still hot and badass as hell and not in a way like this one:

i wonder how she does that.makes me feel like calling myself "baby doll" too.damn.

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

... Please don't call yourself that. I have a crush on that girl.

charlie fa said...

i am "babygirl" now.i'll make acap calls me "babygirl" too.

do i successfully crush your dream?

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

*tutop telinga*
you Bella lalalala~

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