Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bullet-Ridden Bieber, Now That's Good TV

Okay, let's not confuse fact from fiction, his "death" was just for that CSI TV show. Because, why not? CSI had stopped being believable about seven seasons ago, so having a tween pop star walking around masquerading as a criminal made as much sense as crime scene investigators acting like SWAT teams.

But the thing is, I have nothing against Justin Bieber, I simply enjoyed his death a little too much. Check out my "analysis" of the whole thing;

Now you see him,
Now you don't...
But believe it or not, that's hardly the worst part. Especially if you are one of the extras playing one of the police officers. Imagine him showing up for work that day;

Director : Alright John, you're gonna play an officer who gets shot.
John : Cool! Some screen time, even if it is only for a couple of seconds. Who's gonna shoot me?
Director : That's the best part, Justin Bieber!
John : ........

Later that day...

"Fuck you, CSI!"
Another thing worthy of mention. Unless Justin Bieber gets himself an acting coach, he should really stick to singing. So the dude got shot;

So far so good...
And then he ruined it by looking at the mattress he's gonna fall on
You gotta LOL on that one! Hahaha... I know, I'm just being mean for no reason. Like, what has Bieber ever done to me, right? But I pick on him anyway, 'cause it's fun and I'm a douche. The end.

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