Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coming Soon: Superhero Fest [Part I]

The world can't get enough of superheroes, but that's not necessarily a bad thing because the genre had come a long way since the campy Batman television series [1966-1968]. Superhero movies can't really become stale as they tap into one of humanity's biggest dream, regardless of age; the ability to be more than just a human. However that is not to say that there are more good superhero movies than the bad ones, even with all the insane things CGI technology allowed us to do, superhero movies can still be quite a gamble.

The following are some of the most prominent superhero movies to be released this year. Some are promising, others... I just have a bad feeling about them. Guess which ones they are.

There's nothing I love studying more than ancient mythologies and folklore, and with the abundance of Greek mythology-inspired stories, Thor might prove to be a breath of fresh air. I know, I know, it's going to be about as accurate as Clash of the Titans [2010] was to Greek mythology, which is to say NOT! In other words, liberties will be taken to spice things up.

Reasons to be Excited
1. Kenneth Branagh, best known for his Shakespearean works, you probably have seen him in movies like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets [2002] and Valkyrie [2008]. He has also proven himself to be a credible director, however the idea of him directing a superhero movie is weird, which is why I gotta see it.

2. A list of cast members that includes the all-too-amazing Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman ♥

3. We get to see how Chris Hemsworth looks like on steroids, look how huge he got compared to when he was in movies like Star Trek [2009]

4. The movie had long been in development hell, so longer time for development equals better results, right? Err... Well, we shall see.

First impressions? Not so good. Some movies are so trite you can almost smell it from half across the planet. So why do I feature it here? Well, I don't really want to dismiss it entirely before we could even give it a chance. Chances are only Americans will get the full experience, considering that the entire franchise is about American jingoism.

Reasons to be Excited
1. Not many, other than the cast that includes familiar and lovable faces like Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving and Stanley Tucci.

2. It does seem to contain some interesting action sequences. The costume look somewhat awesome as well.

3. It might also provide some "updated" looks into the so-called American ideals, and some social commentary as well. We'll see how honest this movie is, or will it be another propaganda.

Stay tuned for Part II where we will look at X-Men: First Class as well as Green Lantern.

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