Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lone Ranger Movie

The financial success of Green Hornet [2011] possibly got studio executives scour for some old TV shows that was popular during its time, but has been forgotten since. This time around it has to do with The Lone Ranger. Interestingly, The Green Hornet was actually a spin-off of The Lone Ranger, so I guess it would only make sense to give the latter an "update" as well.

You know you need an update if your heroes look like members of Village People...
Yeah, it may be an American icon, but there's little reason to care about it around this part of the world, and the studio executives know that. Which is why they gave us some reasons to go see it when it's scheduled to release some time in 2012.

The movie will see director Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp reuniting for a non-Pirates of the Caribbean movie for the first time. It's a little early to say what's the story going to be like, with Johnny Depp busy with Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and later with Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. What is clear for now is just the fact that Johnny Depp will be playing Tonto, the sidekick.

But I'm sure that once it enters production, Hollywood will make damn sure we'll hear about it.

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