Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 Misleading Movie Trailers

When we can't be bothered to read reviews by an old grouch like Roger Ebert, or any of those tightasses they have at RottenTomatoes, we often turn to movie trailers to have a taste of what movies are like. Unfortunately, even then it's a hit-and-miss type of thing because let's face it, movie trailers is a form of promotion; editors paid by the same studio that made the films. Needless to say, they're not always honest.

But if it's a Michael Bay movie, then what you see is what you get...
The thing is, I don't really mind all that much if they were just holding out on us about something pivotal to the plot. After all, you wouldn't want the trailers to spoil the movie watching experience. The biggest offense here is when they sell a movie as something they are not. In other words, they just give a distorted impression of what the movies are really like.

Why? Well, it's simple really; the same reason the industry is called "Show Business". Here are just three recent examples I have on top of my head;

#3 I Am Number Four [2011]

What it seemed like :
Something like The Fugitive [1993], only this one involves Edward Cullen-esque extraterrestrials being chased by other badass Eric Bana-like aliens.

What it really was :
A cheap knock-off of Smallville, complete with Twilight-esque high school drama.

#2 Stone [2010]

What it seemed like :
A battle of wits between a parole officer and an inmate, played by Robert DeNiro and Edward Norton respectively. Along with his girlfriend, the inmate imposed upon the officer some kind of a mind game that threatens his credibility and reputation. 

What it really was :
A ham-fisted movie about spirituality.

#1 The Next Three Days [2010]

What it seemed like :
A fast-paced prison break movie, much like the first season of Prison Break [2005-2009]. Russell Crowe's character consults an expert, and meticulously plans to break his wife out of jail. Then they make their escape with the authorities hot on their heels.

What it really was :
An aptly-named movie, watching it feels exactly like it was three days long. Russell Crowe's character schemed and plotted without a shred of urgency that the trailer suggested, only to not break his wife out of prison after all; instead he snatched her out of a hospital and made their escape with relative ease.


Anonymous said...

wow, do you know how to write a proper blog without spoiling the ending of a movie? dick

Mamü Vies said...

Even though I didn't put a spoiler alert sign, the title of this entry alone should have clued you in on the matter.

But since you asked, I do know how actually. If you read my actual reviews, I make no mention of any spoilers whatsoever; just what to like or dislike about a movie.

Sorry about this isolated case; an oversight.

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