Saturday, March 19, 2011

3 Most Implausible Action Sequences

Alright, so nobody expects to see Newton's Law playing too much role in the making of movies. If anything, we would prefer for it if they take some liberties with physics because if we want to see things fall rightly into place like they do in real life, we would just go outside and throw something, or tip something over.

Heck, for the most part we go for movies so we don't have to deal with reality. But please, at the very least meet us half-way. Some action sequences seen in movies are so over-the-top, I could just imagine physicists all over the world getting nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweat screaming "THAT'S BULLSHIT!!"

"Screw you, Michael Bay..."
Of course, I could take the easy way and list down some Rajinikanth action movies, but that's like taking a cheap shot at the balls of a really scrawny guy who got his hands tied behind his back. I am mostly about Hollywood movies, so let's just go with that. Now, I should tell you that I am not basing this on any theory or research. I am no physicist nor do I claim to be. But I do have plenty of common sense to go around.

#3 The Bus Jump
Movie : Speed [1994]
Why it's implausible : The same reason we don't see buses doing motocross.

It is true that Sandra Bullock was the one who did the driving, but apparently Keanu Reeves was already The One way before he took the red pill. Observe;

There is no spoon... or gravity for that matter
I never took any physics class, but I do have a fair share of common sense. The movie tried to make it seem plausible by showing the bus hitting some construction stuff left at the unfinished highway, like a makeshift ramp using nothing but some cement bags and a whole lot of willpower. Sure, it made for an awesome scene, but they really shouldn't assume that the audience haven't the faintest idea of how gravity works.

What's more plausible : Everybody on the bus dies, while the villain facepalms himself thinking why on Earth he thought it was a good idea to put a bomb on a bus.

#2 The Truck Flip
Movie : The Dark Knight [2008]
Why it's implausible : A truck's center of gravity is not at the bumper.

Don't get me wrong, The Dark Knight was and always will be an awesome movie. However that is not to say it didn't fall victim to some of the most implausible action sequences ever. Observe;

So Batman shot some kind of a grappling hook at the bumper and went zig-zag around some streetlights. I can only assume that even Mr. Gravity himself decided to take a backseat and just watch awesomeness unfold as Batman flipped the truck like it was a publicity stunt for a Scottish log throw competition.

What's more plausible : The truck skids and maybe - just maybe - crashes sideways.

#1 Instant Chopper
Movie : Charlie's Angels Full Throttle [2003]
Why it's implausible : ...... just watch the video.

By now I don't remember why the Angels were running away, but their escape must have been written by a screenwriter whose coffee break was long overdue. Just skip to 7:20 of the video below for the scene.

The scene was so dumb it left me speechless. A helicopter unfolds itself as all of them plummeted down to Earth, one of the Angels made her way inside the cockpit, started the engine as the other Angels glided their way into the chopper and made their way to safety. It makes it a lot easier to believe that Demi Moore was 40 years old at the time this movie was made.

Yeap, she looked better at 40 than most people half her age...
What's more plausible : They die.

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