Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 Dorky Actors Who Look Cool in Real Life

Some you may have seen before, while others sink into anonymity once the lights are out. Yeap, just like the title suggests, I'm going to talk about some of the dorkiest characters you've ever seen in movies or on television shows. While these characters are very memorable for how dorky they were, it's easy to forget that those are actors bringing the characters to life, and it's even easier to be surprised to know how different they look or act in real life.

Here are just some of the examples I have on top of my head.

#5 Pee-wee Herman
Seen in : Pee-wee's Big Adventure [1985]
Actor : Paul Reubens

Pee-wee is not just a character actor Paul Reubens played on-screen. Think of him as Sacha Baron Cohen of the '80s, without all those borderline-offensive satirical humour. The gimmick of Pee-wee stretched from stand-up comedy to a couple of movies, and this was how he looked like;

Aside from the fact that he looked a bit like a really creepy mime, it's a little jarring to know that he looked like this at one point in real life;

Pretty badass, huh? Granted, that was a 1991 mugshot of the guy, so I'm probably giving the wrong impression here, saying that getting arrested for owning child pornography makes you look cool. It DOES NOT. Although you have to give the guy the benefit of the doubt because as of 2004, the charges were dropped in the light of new testimonies that could prove that it was all a huge misunderstanding.

#4 Phua Chu Kang
Seen in : Phua Chu Kang  [1997-2007]
Actor : Gurmit Singh

This will come as much less as a surprise because Gurmit Singh doesn't exactly keep a low-profile, he is rather well-known in these regions as the title character of popular Singaporean television show Phua Chu Kang.

It's not like he never made any appearances without his PCK gear either. Remember Sumolah [2007]? Well, I don't have any screenshots of that, but this is how he looks in real life.

#3 Fez
Seen in : That 70's Show [1998-2006]
Actor : Wilmer Valderrama

One of the main stars of the sitcom I find to be hardly worth watching, That 70's Show. Good thing Mila Kunis was on that show. Well, anyway there was one other memorable character from that show, the infamous immigrant Fez.

If he was any dorkier you'd be inclined to print out that picture and flush it down the toilet. However, I'm sure you'd change your mind if you've seen him in real life. The guy can give Enrique Iglesias a run for his money.

#2 Steve Urkel
Seen in : Family Matters [1989-1998]
Actor : Jaleel White

Is there a character dorkier than Urkel? Even if you were too young to remember anything you've seen on Family Matters (me included), chances are you would still recognise Urkel anyway.

Anyone who looks like that in real life is just begging to be bullied. But if you're planning on doing that now, it might be a little too late because this is how the actor who played Urkel, Jaleel White looks like now;

The pose may be similar, but the effect is in a complete contrast to each other.

#1 Pedro Sanchez
Seen in : Napoleon Dynamite [2004]
Actor : Efren Ramirez

At the mention of Napoleon Dynamite in the previous post, I was reminded of how much I love how off-beat the movie was. At first I was going to include lead actor Jon Heder in this list, but stopped short when I remembered his equally dorky sidekick from the movie;

He didn't have to do much, just a blank stare and I couldn't help giggling at his dorkiness. It looks pretty natural, right? I mean, aside from the wig he probably doesn't look all that different from this Pedro character. Right?

Wrong. Goddamn, the dude looks like he could have his own street magic show! What makes it even more interesting? Well, if you have seen either one of the Crank movies, you would have seen him again but chances are you didn't recognise him. No shame in that because he looked like this;

Hell, he reminds me of Danny Trejo in this photo here. Here's another, different looking also but definitely unlike his Pedro character.


Zulfahmi said...

Wow... Fez in real life is hot... I couldn't believe it... I wonder how he talks in real life

Donut said...

Vote for pedr...wohohoooow...Gile ah. And he does look like Danny Tejo, just, less 'jahat' I guess...

Angelina said...

"No way!" *faint*

That's for Pedro!

Anonymous said...

FEZ!!! *faints*

Aki said...

Damn.. Urkel is damn big.. oh yeah..

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