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Favourites #1: Quentin Tarantino

Just like the title suggests, I'll be talking about my favourites; may it be movies, directors or actors. None of it are in any particular order, they're just the ones who happened to be in my headspace at the time they are written. This time around we're gonna look at...

Quentin Tarantino

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that he is truly one of a kind. Some say he's all about blood and gore, and to those people who say that, have you actually seen a Tarantino movie? You could tolerate non-scary horror movies with random bloodshed and characters with no survival instinct, yet so much controversy surrounds Tarantino's rich and colourful movies.

Really, all the violence, blood and gore in his movies are there for a reason, they work for the story instead of the other way around. Sure, sometimes Tarantino himself makes it hard to be likable since he can be a bit of a douche. But then again, the dude has plenty of talent, and that means there's a lot I would let him get away with.

Mamü's Favourite Quentin Tarantino Movies

#1 Pulp Fiction [1994]
Some might question my choice, citing Basterds as his best movie yet. Heck, even Tarantino claim that it's his masterpiece, having worked on the screenplay for about a decade and all. But I'm not here to say you guys are wrong and my opinion is superior, not at all.

It just so happens that I enjoy Pulp Fiction a lot more and for me, it is the most "Tarantino" movie of them all; an ensemble cast of memorable characters, random but believable events and sharp, eclectic dialogues that absorbs you into the story he's telling.

#2 Inglourious Basterds [2009]
Tarantino's most celebrated work (although he has yet to make a meh movie), the one that garnered him new fans while not excluding his already existing fanbase. Basterds is a no less impressive work by Tarantino, and I can see why he would call it his masterpiece.

It's a little hard to explain, I just choose Pulp Fiction over this one because it was more like us watching the events in the movie from afar, whilst his other work had always taken us right in the middle of the action. Get it? Get it?

#3 Reservoir Dogs [1992]
Probably the best debut I've ever seen coming from a then-unproven director. Even a lot more solid than Darren Aronofsky's debut. I guess it would be a no-brainer to say that this is Tarantino's most important work; it featured many of the things that became hallmarks for him.

Of course, it's not just about style, this movie has substance too. It played out pretty much like a stageplay; a story of crime, whodunit and sadistic violence all interwoven into a modern day classic.

#4 Kill Bill vol. I & II [2003-2004]
Truth to be told, it's hard to rank a Tarantino movie against another because he hardly did anything twice. Every movie is different, with their own style, substance and flavour while remaining unmistakably Tarantino.

I suppose the only reason Kill Bill is placed here is because, although it was a pure joy to watch, for the most part it felt like one hell of a homage to Tarantino's influences; A ballet of blade and blood, with a story written around it. Not to take anything away from it, it was still a great screenplay that many wish they could have written.

#5 Death Proof [2007]
I don't know much about Death Proof. I mean, I've seen it, but I don't find it to be quite as enjoyable as the rest of his auteur. I can't quite put my finger on it, but if I have to guess, it's because Tarantino tried to show us that horror/slasher movies of the 70's are actually cool. I don't know if it is, but I'm certainly not a fan of the genre to begin with (although I do enjoy the ones from Hammer Film Productions).

All the same, the movie does have its captivating moments, like the diner scene. Only Tarantino can write a scene like that that's interesting to watch.

However, I can't speak for Jackie Brown [1997] because that's the only one I haven't seen. But I have a feeling that I'm gonna feel pretty much the same about his other genre-specific film, like the aforementioned Death Proof.


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