Sunday, March 27, 2011

Awesome Sucker Punch Training Camp Featurette

"What Mamü? Another Sucker Punch entry?!!"

Aw, hell man... I told you I'm smitten.

Well, anyway, after a weekend, we can all now say for sure that Sucker Punch is one of those "love-it-or-hate-it" type of a movie. The praise as a visual spectacle is almost unanimous, while others argue that the story is a lot to be desired. I don't dispute that one bit since it is kind of true, Sucker Punch is indeed one of those movies that tried to be so many things once.

But that is only at a very peripheral level. The movie never did claim to be this year's biggest thought provoking film. What did it say?

"You will be unprepared"

So don't lie, you were indeed unprepared for what you saw.

Just one example was how they went from this...
... to this.
I can't get enough of Sucker Punch, although not to the extent I would wish for a sequel. Because that would somehow dilute whatever good memories I have about this one.

What I will wait for instead, is the Director's Cut of the movie! It had been reported that the movie was indeed supposed to feature our girls dancing, and a rather steamy love scene. I don't have anything on the latter, but here's a taste of how the dancing scenes are like;

I know. "Oh my!" right?

I have nothing else on that, but there's something I found on YouTube that I think is equally as hot; a featurette on the girls training for the movie. I broke a little sweat just watching them.


Zulfahmi said...

I'm really interested to how Baby Doll dance~

Mamü Vies said...

I don't think it will be as intense as the battle scenes, but it's gonna turn my nose into a blood faucet anyway, I'm sure...

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