Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sucker Punch [2011]

Director: Zack Snyder
Cast: Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Rating: Teen (horrific images)
Comment: "Crazy, wild, a little silly at times and I loved every second of it..."

After the death of their mother, Baby Doll and her little sister find themselves at the mercy of their abusive stepfather. All bets are off, however, when he finds out that his late wife leaves him with virtually no share of the family heirloom, instead all was left to her two daughters. In an act of self-defense, Baby Doll accidentally had her sister killed, while her stepfather walks away with only minor injuries. But that was enough for him to build a case against her, hence Baby Doll is admitted to an insane asylum. Amidst her woes and despair, it is here where Baby Doll learns that life is not about what happens to you, but rather it's about what you make of it.

What to Expect
1. Exactly as advertised; Alice in Wonderland with machine guns
2. Uber-stylistic ballet of violence
3. Hot girls
4. A crazy, imaginative world
5. A jarring change in tone towards the end
6. Hot girls

What NOT to Expect
1. For it to make a whole lot of sense (but that's a strength, really)

First of all, don't let any dumbass out there try to make this movie out to be more than what it actually is. Nobody said this was going to be as cerebral a movie as... say, Inception [2010]? While they both deal with similar themes about "what is reality", the three Sucker Punch trailers should have at the very least clued you that this movie is kind of what happens when Kill Bill [2003-2004] and Alice in Wonderland collide at 200km/h; an eye candy of a movie in the truest sense of the word, nothing more but nothing less.

Using that as a frame of reference, Sucker Punch is one hell of a ride.

As always, I'm not one to compare one movie to another (unless they're from the same franchise), but I mentioned Kill Bill up there simply as a mean to give you some idea as to what it's going to be like. However, this movie is not at all as straightforward as the Tarantino-directed bloodbath of a movie. Unless you've been living under a rock, it shouldn't come as a surprise to you that this movie incorporates strong fantasy elements, particularly the world of imagination; one without limits.

So you're going to see an army of zombies, a small band of two-storeys high samurai, dragons and robots all pieced together rather bizarrely in one movie, yet it was all very entertaining. Thanks to, in no small part, to a feisty and fetishistic group of hot chicks.

Plenty of the charm comes from the character Baby Doll, played by the doe-eyed and full lipped Emily Browning. As of this moment, I really can't think of a better choice for the character, one who can shoot somebody in the face yet still walk away with an air of innocence about her. Nope, not even director Zack Snyder's original choice, Amanda Seyfried. Needless to say, Baby Doll had just made a fanboy out of me.

I love you, Baby Doll!

Complementing those flashy moves is Zack Snyder's skillful use of match-cuts and his trademark use of speed-ramping, the kind he had perfected since 300 [2007] and Watchmen [2009]. However, that is not to say it is not an acquired taste. I personally love his sense of style, although some might raise an eyebrow and ask, "Why is there so much emphasis put on a punch to the face? Is he afraid that we're going to miss it?"

Well, I know you wouldn't want to miss this shot...
Visuals aside, there is actually something to the story worthy of a literary analysis. I've already got mine, but let's save that for another post. Rest assured that no spoilers will be given here as I think it will be more fun if you guys go see it for yourselves, and make up your mind from there.

However, you would have also noticed that I told you to expect a change in tone as the movie progresses towards the Falling Action portion of the movie. The sudden change might feel jarring a little bit, because each action sequences prior to that were nothing short of a spectacular ballet of ass-kicking, while the later scenes were meant for you to start making sense of what the hell is going on, and where the movie is going.

My verdict? Well, there's really nothing I can say to deter anyone from wanting to see this movie. Not that I will try anyway, because this movie rocks! Amazing camera work, adrenaline-pumping film score and hot chicks kicking butt in ways cooler than the last, it makes for a very entertaining trip to the fantasy world. If you're able to not take yourselves too seriously, Sucker Punch is definitely something you wouldn't want to miss!

Special thanks to Nuffnang for the invitation!


Zulfahmi said...

I hope nothing got censored in this movie... :-P

Really excited to see it because I'm such a fan of Zack Snyder's work...

Mamü Vies said...

No, nothing of the sort here. Just some tasteful sexiness that leaves a lot to the imagination, and violence were heavily layered with special effects. So no actual Kill Bill type of killing spree here.

muhammad iman akmal said...

it's one hell of an awesomeness top with marvelicious babe!!!! almost got "killed" by my gf after she found out that the movie is about hot sexy chicks..
"no wonder la xnk ckp tgk cita ape semalam ngn mamu..rupa2 nyer cita hot2 chicks yerrr..!!!!" *boooommmm..dush2..panggggg!!!!*

Mamü Vies said...

hoho... you kept it a secret? No wonder. muahahahaha!!

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