Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Immortals" Trailer is Here!

Remember that entry on Tarsem Singh's Immortals? I was already excited about it then, when all that was made known about the movie was its story, and some movie posters. Well, the trailer is now here and OH MY DEAR GOD I CAN'T FUCKIN' WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!!

It's probably just me who love to immerse myself into movies totally, but you gotta be a tightass to not be the least bit excited after seeing that! It's not so much about the action anymore, just watch it again and tell me it's not going to be epic in the truest sense of the word.

It's like Michaelangelo came back from the dead and decided to make a movie...

Mary and Max [2009]

Director: Adam Elliot
Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Colette, Eric Bana, Bethany Whitmore
Genre: Drama/Animation
Rating: Adult (dark themes; depression, anxiety, obesity)
Comment: "An interesting marriage of a Clay-animation with a bleak atmosphere..."

A neglected eight-year-old girl, Mary (Toni Colette) forms a friendship with an autistic, obese, forty-year-old man, Max (Philip Seymour Hoffman). Although their interactions are limited to mail, they both affect the lives of each other in a way that neither of them could have seen coming.

What to Expect
1. A rather dark atmosphere
2. Things to feel a little dragged out
3. Inspirational at times

What NOT to Expect
1. But not generally a "feel-good" movie
You can afford to miss it, although once you start watching you're likely to stick until the end

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Memorable Actors and Their Equally Memorable Voice Work

When I was younger, I fancied the idea of becoming a voice actor myself. Although I haven't exactly given up on that little thing on my "to do" list, I don't see it happening anytime soon.

Why would I even dream of such a thing? Well for starters, I love cartoons, always have. Secondly, there's something about voice acting that I find to be more comfortable, as far as acting is concerned. Not so much because people can't see you, but I had always thought there's more freedom to do things you wouldn't usually do as opposed to acting on stage or film.

Apparently plenty of people share that sentiment, because I have right here on this list three actors who have played very memorable roles in film, but also do some extensive voice work as well.

Funny Tweet

Because I'm giving myself some time before I'm gonna pick on Twilight again, here's a funny Tweet about it by somebody else. It came from Twitter's trending about what people think are "tragic movie deaths";

Move Over King Kong, We Have Trolls Now

Release Date : June 10th, 2011 (Worldwide)
Director : André Øvredal
Starring : Otto Jespersen, Robert Stoltenberg and Knut Nærum

Very very rarely we get to see a foreign film shot in their foreign language garner as much attention as this Norwegian movie, The Troll Hunter. Yeah, yeah... Before I proceed, you may insert your own "internet troll" jokes here.

Done? Okay, let's proceed. Yeah, you didn't read that wrong, this movie is a Creature Feature where the Scandinavian mythological creature comes to life. Think King Kong [2005] meets Cloverfield [2008] and you'll get the idea of what this movie is going to be like. Check out the trailer for yourself;

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Big Bang [2011]

Director: Tony Krantz
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Robert Maillet, Thomas Kretschman, William Fichtner, Delroy Lindo, Sienna Guillory, Autumn Reeser
Genre: Neo-noir/Crime Thriller/Science fiction
Rating: Adult (mild violence, strong sexual content)
Comment: "This movie deserves a worldwide release..."

A private investigator, Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) gives his interrogators his accounts on what happened during his search for a missing stripper. The people he comes across with inexplicably ends up dead, turning what initially seemed like a simple search mission into a convoluted mess of organised crime, missing diamonds, eccentric characters and a science experiment that could destroy the world.

What to Expect
1. A tongue-in-cheek delivery of the story
2. Attractive visuals
3. Sienna Guillory and Autumn Reeser to be absolutely stunning
4. An urge for repeated viewings

What NOT to Expect
1. A not-all-too-predictable plot
Wasn't screened worldwide, but this is one you would want to see at least once.

Movie-Worthy Novels, To Say the Least

So during my so-called hiatus and cabin fever, you might wonder exactly what have I been up to. Well, aside from the unmentionables and none-of-your-businesses, there is one thing worthy of mention. In fact, it's more than that, it's something I'd like to promote as something Malaysians gotta at least check out, don't let this one sneak past your radar.

I had no idea what it means the first time I saw it. If anything, I thought it was some kind of a wordplay on the word 'fix'... What is it that they fix? I had no idea, but one look at the website and I immediately interpreted it as a publishing company here to "fix" what I deem is wrong with the local literary scene. Don't quote me on that, though. The company said no such thing, this is just how I see it.

There is one thing that this company is doing differently, and that is the scope of the stories they choose to publish. You see, when it comes to Malay novels, the market is flooded with sappy love stories about broken hearts and unrequited love, or maybe the trend has changed since the last time I checked? Granted, I've never read a novel in Bahasa Malaysia outside the school syllabus, but judging by my frequent visits to MPH and Popular bookstores, I believe I wasn't exaggerating.

So without further ado, here's a taste of what Fixi novels are all about;

The novels
The writers: (From left) Ridhwan Saidi, Khairulnizam Bakeri, Shaz Johar
Yeap, that's how I spent my last weekend. To date, I have only finished reading two of them, starting with Cekik followed by Pecah. Right now I'm in the process of reading Kougar. But the two novels impressed me enough thus far, and therefore for the first time ever in the history of this blog, I'm going to give you some book reviews... Spoiler-free, of course.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Captain Mamü, Reporting Back For Duty!

If you're wondering why there hasn't been an update for the past four days, (yeah, I'm referring to the three of you), which translates to about two weeks in Planet MamüVies time, well... Let's just say my spaceship experienced some kind of a serious turbulence resulting the malfunction in my communications system. For four days my ship was stuck in limbo, armed with nothing but my dry wit to keep myself entertained and the will to survive.

The most self-indulgent hero of a galactic empire...
Or to put it in less awesome terms, my modem was struck by lightning, effectively reducing my computer from my portal to the world, to something the equivalent of a solitary shack in an outback, snowy province.

Might have experienced cabin fever too, although this is something I realise in retrospect...
Well, anyway. I'm back now, no better or worse than before, with some fresh ideas to share so stay tuned!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ridiculous Trailer for Transformers 3

Despite its commercial success, I really couldn't care less about the Transformers movies, even more so than the Twilight movies. You see, at the very least Twilight gave me plenty of things to poke fun at. The Transformers movies? Well... There wasn't a single thing to care about!

Alright, two things to care about...
But you can't blame the studios, they're giving lots of people what they want to see. The commercial success and merchandising opportunities can only mean one thing; They will milk out the franchise as much as they can. But what I find to be so laughable about it is how Michael Bay kept trying to make the movies out to be more than what they actually are, and this third installment in the series is no different. Observe;

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pixar's First Fairy Tale

It was only yesterday I posted about my favourite Pixar films, and that reminded me of a particular upcoming Pixar movie that I'm very excited about. It was initially announced as The Bear and the Bow, which you have to admit had a very fairy tale-like quality to it. But it was later changed to simply Brave, the thirteenth Pixar feature film slated for release on June 22nd, 2012.

As always (and to be expected), Pixar is not the type to repeat themselves, or to rehash anything they have done before. As of today, no trailer has been released, but here are some released stills from the movie and they are uh-mazing! I don't know if this is how the movie will turn out, but I sure hope so. It will be like watching a beautiful painting telling us a story.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Favourite Freaks; Wizards and Mutants

I got some news here, and as the title of this entry would have implied, I'm talking about yet another one of my most anticipated movies of the year, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [2011] slated for release on July 14th (Malaysia).

But before we get that, I also would like to share with you some photos of the upcoming X-Men prequel. Now, they're not exactly exclusive as I don't actually have any Hollywood insider feeding me information (duh!). But I chose to feature them here because I like the kind of impression we're getting from these rather new X-Men look;

Guns N' Roses Film Cameo

I am a huge fan of Guns N' Roses, especially during those days when they were just five guys in a band. I think they're easily the best and worthy of mention alongside other iconic bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or any other rock bands along that line. I'm not referring to their music, though. I mean that in terms of their cultural impact and significance.

But anyway, I'm not here to chronicle or pay tribute to what I believe is the greatest hard rock band of all time, I just found something off the internet that I find rather interesting. See if you can spot the guys in this funeral scene. Don't bother looking for Izzy, though.

Hahaha... Yeah, that was all. A cameo so small it's hardly worth a mention especially if you're not a GN'R fan to begin with. Anyway, the movie was The Dead Pool [1988], the last time Clint Eastwood played Dirty Harry. How on Earth did they ever end up in a movie? Even though I've read Slash's autobiography, I can't recall exactly how, but he did make several mentions that they scored plenty of cameos in their early days as a band.

My best guess right now it's because their flagship song, Welcome to the Jungle was used some time in the beginning of the movie, where Jim Carrey played an Axl Rose-like character called Johnny Squares. Check it out, I don't know whether we're supposed to laugh at this, or take it seriously.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Favourites #9 : Pixar

"Can Pixar make a bad movie?" I can't help but wonder every time they release a movie. I bet I don't even need to introduce it to you because... well, how can you not know what Pixar is, assuming that you weren't born in the 70's. To date, Pixar has released eleven full-length feature films, with another three planned over the next two years.

The following are my favourite Pixar movies, listed from the one I like most to the one I like the least. However, do not take it to meaning that I dislike the ones listed lower on the list, because there's just no way I could dislike a Pixar movie. I don't know how, but they always come up with an original and interesting concept for their movies and let their imaginations run wild with it, while taking us along for the ride.

Sean Penn is (was?) a Gothic Rockstar

In the long list of interesting (and rather off-beat movies), you can add yet another one to the list; a movie called This Must Be the Place [2011] starring Sean Penn. Now this movie is brand new, announced only a day ago so there is no proper cinematic trailer available yet. However, they did put out a teaser trailer that did little to clue you in on the story, but did everything to leave you wanting to know more about it;

It has been reported that the movie is about a retired rock star (clearly based on one of the most iconic bands of all time, The Cure) finally making his return home to his family, after the demise of his father. But he returned too late, his conscience gets cloudier after learning of his father's tragic past as a victim of the Holocaust. In an attempt to make amends to his father, he set out on a quest to avenge his father by hunting down a former Nazi guard, who now lives in hiding.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shangdown: a Western Kung Fu Movie

Without a doubt, I have a strong feeling that this movie is some sort of a throwback to the famous television series that propelled David Carradine into becoming a household name, Kung Fu [1972-1975] and its continuation Kung Fu: The Legend Continues [1993-1997].

However, instead of East meets West, this movie did a total 180 and brought a kung fu master cowboy into Shanghai. Hence the portmanteau that made up the title, Shanghai + Showdown = Shangdown: Way of the Spur, slated for release sometime in May, 2011.

I definitely like the idea, and not to mention that image above was enough to convince me to at least give this movie a try. In fact, the movie received favourable reviews when it was first screened at the Action on Film Festival 2010. However... Well, why don't we have a look at the trailer first before I give my two cents about the movie;

Two Movies (Secretly) Fuelled by Drugs

Before I proceed, let me clarify that I absolutely hate abusing drugs. So much, that I even refrain from using them when I'm sick. Granted, it's not called abusing drugs then, but you catch my drift. Therefore, it's only hypothetical that I'm featuring two movies I believe are secretly fuelled by drugs. I can't say from experience that I know how these drugs affect you, but through some reading and other things I picked up along the way, I daresay I'm not too far off.

On a totally unrelated note, here's a picture of Bob Marley...
Ah hell, I'm writing this just for laughs, so don't get all Nazi on the details.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Real Steel, a... Robot Boxing Movie?

While I couldn't stop thinking how weird Cowboys & Aliens is, this movie crept right up and sucker punched me in the face. If you've heard of this movie, slated for release in October 7th, 2011 (USA) then chances are you're thinking the same thing. It's hard enough for a boxing movie to appeal to the mainstream, so they decided to throw robots into the mix... Presumably an attempt to draw the attention of the Transformers fanboys?

I'm not joking, it's basically a movie about this...
And if you think that this is a movie written by a feverish geek living in some basement, and it's being made by some obscure production crew with a cast of unknown actors, you'd be wrong. Just check out the trailer;

Actors Born to Play Villains

I'm no actor, although I have tried my hand at some stage play and immediately I figured that it is more fun to play villains. My role as the Kralahome in The King and I was probably not villainous enough to allow me to make such an assumption, but even at that, I had plenty of fun playing a character who's a bit of a jackhole. Too bad the audience didn't see it that way. A common complaint was that I didn't look the part.

I see their point...
It didn't hurt or made me angry at all. If anything, I got curious. What makes a good villain? It's not just the lines or the things they do. Oftentimes, it also depends entirely on the actor's charisma and to a certain extent, their looks. So here are some actors so good at playing villains I can't help but think that they have been genetically-engineered to play 'em.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Emily Browning is Sleeping Beauty

This one is pretty hard to predict if we'll ever get the chance to see it here considering that it is an Australian independent movie. In fact, the main reason it caught my attention was because this movie stars my latest crush, Emily Browning, thanks to her role as Baby Doll in Sucker Punch [2011].

Don't get the wrong idea, though. The may call it Sleeping Beauty, but a fairy tale this is not. Observe;

Second Cowboys & Aliens Trailer

Do you feel lucky, punk?
As my previous entry on this movie implied, I believe this is one worthy to be excited about. A weird smash-up of genres, yet the movie sought to be taken seriously. It's pretty hard to see from here just how are they going to pull it off, especially the first trailer giving the impression of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers [1978] feel to the movie... With cowboys.

Well, the second trailer ought to change that perception, making it appear to contain elements commonly found in Western movies, for example John Wayne's The Searchers [1956], or more recently True Grit [2010]. It's just that their adversary are aliens this time around. Damn that still feels weird to say.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taylor Lautner's Non-Werewolf Role

If you don't know who Taylor Lautner is, then I'd rather not ask where have you been for the past five years. Love it or hate it, the Twilight franchise is big and not to mention, profitable. Don't worry, I'm not going to pick on any of the Twilight movies in this entry. I've done that many, many times in the past it's becoming a little sad to even do it just one more time.

What I'm going to talk about instead is this very impressive-looking new movie starring Taylor Lautner entitled Abduction, slated for release at the end of this year.

The Boondock Saints [1999]

Director: Troy Duffy
Cast: Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, Willem Dafoe, David Della Rocco
Genre: Crime Thriller/Drama
Rating: Teen (violence, strong language, mild sexual content)
Comment: "Imagine if The Matrix was a crime thriller..."

Devout Catholic fraternal twin brothers, Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) are just your average joes living in a bad neighbourhood, until they accidentally kill some members of the Russian mafia in self-defense. They willingly turned themselves in and later released as heroes, but their lives could never be the same again. They are now convinced that they have been chosen by God to rid their city of crime and evil. They set out to do some vigilante work, all the while being pursued by a brilliant FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe).

What to Expect
1. A both enthralling and disturbing presentation
2. Stylistic violence (that's always good for me)
3. Very interesting characters
4. Plenty of humour throughout
5. Awesome soundtrack and film score

What NOT to Expect
1.To not be able to think that this movie is cool

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Strange Decisions Made By Movie Characters

Art by Casey Jones
Darn... I finally got around to finishing this entry. Can you believe that it has been a draft for about two weeks? You see, I tried to list down some of the strangest decisions made by movie characters yet I kept coming up with nothing nobody has heard of before. I might have to take a day off one of these days, just so I won't burn out.

By the way... Yes, I hate it when people plagiarise from me, so it only makes sense that I hate to plagiarise just as much.

Stop abusing these buttons!
Well anyway, I'm not one to give up on any idea once I've thought of it. It will haunt me when I eat, disrupt my reading of novels, the whole nine yards. So here it is now, only four as of this moment. But I think they're good enough considering that the list does not stray too far into the unfamiliar. Enjoy!

New "X-Men: First Class" Trailer

Sometime in February, I posted news about X-Men First Class, the first X-Men movie in years worth getting excited about. My exact words were, "A reboot, possibly meaning that it will go back to its roots; a superhero movie with a great political subtext, an ensemble of interesting characters, and so on" and by the looks of this new trailer, it would appear that it wasn't too presumptuous of me to assume that.

Check out this new trailer recently released on YouTube, although I have to apologise I couldn't find one that is entirely in English. But don't worry, it's only the text that are in Japanese. The dialogue and everything else are still in English. Also, there are some technical difficulties in posting the video here, so kindly click on the image and it will redirect you to the video.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Movie Characters Who Need Professional Help

I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's good characters make movies work. As obvious as that may have sound, it's a fact that people often neglect or overlook whenever they do watch movies; They cast their intellect away in favour of seeing explosions, boobs or in the case of the mainstream Malaysian audience, brainless comedies and ghouls popping up every fifteen minutes.

However that poses another challenge for screenwriters; Coming up with interesting characters. Believe me that is not as easy as it sounds. Every so often, they have to write about people whom we can somehow relate to, yet there's something about their behaviour that you might find to be just a tad unbelievable. But it's kind of necessary, really, because nobody wants to see a movie about normal, inhibited, everyday people. Just check out any "reality" television show to know what I mean.

So here are some of the movie characters who are so extreme at something, you can't help but feel like they need professional help.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A Rebecca Black Movie?

Now, some time today you might be hearing that the whole Rebecca Black nonsense is a hoax, stating that  her horrendous "song" (I'm using the term very, very lightly) Friday was merely part of a marketing campaign to promote an upcoming movie entitled The Music Factory, slated for release at the end of this month.

Not the actual poster...
The news even went as far as naming Chris Columbus, famed director of "family-friendly" movies like Home Alone [1990] and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [2001] as the director of this movie, and it stars unknown actress Jessica Jones as Rebecca Black as well as R&B star Usher as a shady producer.

Well, rest assured that there is no such thing. Should the movie be released by the end of this month, we should have seen some sort of a movie trailer or something. Furthermore, the alleged plot of the movie is going to be about a secret facility where cyborgs resembling young teenagers are created and turned into pop stars. That by itself have the words "parody" and "satire" written all over it. Not to mention it sounded wayyy too elaborate to have just been a marketing campaign.

Which is too bad because it could have been fun fun fun fun... *ugh* That sounded a lot funnier in my head.

Favourites #8: Movies From '87

Yeap, you read that right. This particular Favourites entry is going to feature some of my favourite movies released in the year 1987. Why '87, specifically? Am I just picking numbers at random and feature movies released that year? Of course not. I'm sure you're perceptive enough to guess that I was born that year and today, April 11th, is my birthday!

So I searched for movies released that year, and imagine my delight to discover that some of my favourite movies are coincidentally as old as I am. Not that I'm that old to begin with, but I'm at least two decades old yet these movies didn't seem like they have aged a single day.

The Bieber Massacre

If you remember, I once wrote an entry poking fun at Justin Bieber's television appearance, a couple of episodes on CSI. Well, I found something else a couple of months after it was posted on YouTube, but it made me laugh so hard I just have to post it here. See if you can name all the characters that made an appearance in this one minute video;

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Actors Who Tried to Branch Out (and We Wouldn't Let Them)

Actors act, it's what they do. But before you roll your eyes and say "Way to go Captain Obvious", hear me out.

Everybody knows what actors do, but when you work in Hollywood and achieve a certain level of fame, one of two things usually happen;
1. They start varying their roles almost immediately.
Example: Robert DeNiro, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, etc

2. They milk out their success by playing the same type of roles over and over again.
Example: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence, etc
This article here is mostly about the latter, although I came to realise something even more amusing. Some actors don't mind being typecast as long as they can have a steady stream of work.

But there are also those who got tired of being labelled a certain something and attempted to branch out. The only problem is, they pretty much have a fixed fanbase. So once these actors start lurking in an unfamiliar territory, we end up laughing nervously at these actors whom we thought we knew, but couldn't really recognise.

The Illusionist [2010]

Director: Sylvain Chomet
Cast: Jean-Claude Donda, Eilidh Rankin
Genre: Drama/Animation
Rating: General
Comment: "Poetry in motion in the truest sense of the term..."

There was a time when magicians, or illusionists were big in the entertainment industry. But this movie is set at a time when their popularity is dying out. A down-on-his-luck illusionist quickly find himself out of work and has to travel abroad to make ends meet. He ends up performing in rural areas where electricity is still a luxury people can afford to live without. He meets a girl in a small Scottish island, and she becomes fascinated with him, believing that magic is real. They bond like a father and daughter, and neither lives would ever be the same again.

What to Expect
1. Beautiful hand-drawn and animated world
2. Indistinguishable dialogue
3. Despite that, there's plenty of characterisation
4. Calm, soothing film score

What NOT to Expect
1. To be for everyone
2. A fast-paced film
You might just fall in love with 2D animation again

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Coming Soon: Hanna

Release Date : April 14th, 2011 (Malaysia)
Director : Joe Wright
Starring : Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana

Now this is a movie that I never did hear about until last night, which is kind of strange considering that this movie was listed as "Best unproduced screenplay" twice, first on 2006 then on 2009. That should say something, right? Like they couldn't figure out how to actually go about shooting this picture, and needed more time to get the proper preparations. Well, it's here now, and check out the trailer;

I don't know about you, but it came across to me like Salt [2010] meets Jason Bourne. I'm not saying that derogatorily, mind you. I'm just describing my first impression of the movie. By the way, I know it's pretty late to post it here, considering that it was out in the States last week. But we only get to see it next week, and I must say I'm interested to see this one.

Why Zordon Should Serve Some Jail Time

Anyone here was never a fan of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers? If you spend a decade or so growing  up in the 90's, then chances are you were at one point a fan. But then again, looking back on it as an adult, I can't help but spot some ridiculous stuff passed off as reality within its universe. Not that the premise was plausible to begin with.

The black ranger was African-American, and the yellow ranger was Asian... Very imaginative
Sure, I can accept that these people were risking their lives to protect our planet, by using giant robots and whatnot. But I can't understand why the Rangers held Zordon with such high regard because you see, the biggest villain in the Power Rangers universe isn't Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa or even Ivan Ooze. If you ask me, it has got to be Zordon.

The disembodied head...
But it has nothing to do with him supposedly promoting drug use, as the word "Morphin" was censored here in Malaysia, which by the way was one of the most laughable moral panics in the history of this country. But no, I believe Zordon here should stand trial and should serve some jail time because of one reason and one reason alone;

Friday, April 8, 2011

Decoding Source Code

In case the title didn't clue you in on the matter, then I'll just come out and say that this entry contains plenty of spoilers on the movie Source Code [2011].

Now, the movie wasn't that complex, and the production crew tied up whatever loose ends rather neatly while leaving little room for multiple endings. But that is only if you take the movie at face value. Maybe that was their intent, and maybe I was just reading too much into it. But if you like the movie, and you like to discuss it further, then you've come to the right place.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Source Code [2011]

Director: Duncan Jones
Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright
Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller
Rating: General
Comment: "Never before had a Sci-Fi Thriller contain so many human elements, and this ended up becoming a terrific movie altogether..."

In a universe where the technology to become a somewhat omniscient entity exists, decorated army helicopter pilot Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds himself inside the body of another man. Severely disoriented, he slowly begin to make sense of what is going on and discovers that he is part of a military mission to stop a terrorist attack on a commuter train. What makes it even harder is the fact that he only has eight minutes to conduct his investigation before the bomb explodes, and he has to do it all over again...

What to Expect
1. An intriguing story that will simply absorb you
2. Subtle yet powerful human drama
3. To get just a little bit disoriented as well
4. Some genuine comedic moments
5. Russell Peters (Yes, the Russell Peters) to steal a couple of scenes

What NOT to Expect
1. Emphasis on the terrorism part of the plot
2. Offensive stereotype of a terrorist *wink*
Brilliant! Definitely one of this year's movies that you wouldn't want to miss!

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