Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Big Bang [2011]

Director: Tony Krantz
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Robert Maillet, Thomas Kretschman, William Fichtner, Delroy Lindo, Sienna Guillory, Autumn Reeser
Genre: Neo-noir/Crime Thriller/Science fiction
Rating: Adult (mild violence, strong sexual content)
Comment: "This movie deserves a worldwide release..."

A private investigator, Ned Cruz (Antonio Banderas) gives his interrogators his accounts on what happened during his search for a missing stripper. The people he comes across with inexplicably ends up dead, turning what initially seemed like a simple search mission into a convoluted mess of organised crime, missing diamonds, eccentric characters and a science experiment that could destroy the world.

What to Expect
1. A tongue-in-cheek delivery of the story
2. Attractive visuals
3. Sienna Guillory and Autumn Reeser to be absolutely stunning
4. An urge for repeated viewings

What NOT to Expect
1. A not-all-too-predictable plot
Wasn't screened worldwide, but this is one you would want to see at least once.
I must say, for a movie with some high-profile cast, the movie kept things relatively all hush-hush as evidenced by its limited release. In fact, I might have overlooked this movie had it not been for three names that popped up on the movie poster; Antonio Banderas, William Fichtner and Sienna Guillory.

Not what it looks like...
I must say I'm glad I decided to give this one a try because this movie is very unique; a blend of noir, crime thriller and Science fiction delivered in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion. While plenty of Film noir involving a private investigator often hover around similar themes and plot progression, The Big Bang managed to put a rather new and refreshing twist to it all, proving that good writing can always overcome a weird mash-up of genres.

But a good story was not all that it had, the movie also played with lighting and cinematography that gives out an air of euphoria, something that is a bit of a personal favourite of mine when movies do that. If you have seen other movies like My Blueberry Nights [2007], the cinematography is pretty similar, although in this case, The Big Bang is much, much faster in pace. Simply put, the element of noir is very much profound, but still it managed to be very colourful, in tone and visuals.

Should you see it?
I'd say yes. I'd summarise it all rather loosely as not your typical Hollywood movie, still it contains plenty of elements that might prove to be an acquired taste, especially the strong noir-ish feel to the movie. For the MTV crowd this might seem a little drab and slow, but hell... What do they know?

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