Monday, April 25, 2011

Captain Mamü, Reporting Back For Duty!

If you're wondering why there hasn't been an update for the past four days, (yeah, I'm referring to the three of you), which translates to about two weeks in Planet MamüVies time, well... Let's just say my spaceship experienced some kind of a serious turbulence resulting the malfunction in my communications system. For four days my ship was stuck in limbo, armed with nothing but my dry wit to keep myself entertained and the will to survive.

The most self-indulgent hero of a galactic empire...
Or to put it in less awesome terms, my modem was struck by lightning, effectively reducing my computer from my portal to the world, to something the equivalent of a solitary shack in an outback, snowy province.

Might have experienced cabin fever too, although this is something I realise in retrospect...
Well, anyway. I'm back now, no better or worse than before, with some fresh ideas to share so stay tuned!

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