Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coming Soon: Immortals

Release Date : November 11th, 2011 (USA)
Director : Tarsem Singh
Starring : Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, John Hurt, Freida Pinto, Kellan Lutz

Initially I wanted to wait until they put up a trailer for the movie first before working on this entry, but I have to admit that I got a little giddy about this movie, I just have to throw the word out there. I am, and had long been a fan of period piece. Not to mention that I read about mythologies - may it be Greek, Norse or Egyptian - on a regular basis. Put those two together and I'll be first in the waiting line.

However that is not to say I will instantly like whatever they put out. I still have a hard time getting rid of the horrendous memories I have about Clash of the Titans [2010]. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? They had a rich source material to work with, a great cast and yet delivered something the equivalent of a burning bag of poo; I spent a great deal of time washing all the crap away from my shoes.

Reasons to be Excited
Oh well, enough about that. I am now here to talk about this upcoming movie, this time around featuring the myth of Theseus. What that basically means is that this movie will not stray too far from an instantly recognisable formula; it involves a one-man war against an archaic social order.

You know what got me excited the most? This movie is going to include what Clash of the Titans [2010] didn't, and that is actual titans. They can't bullshit their way out of this one because here's what the official synopsis of the movie;
"Immortals follows the mythological tale of the young warrior Theseus, who leads his men into battle with the immortal Greek gods to defeat evil and the powerful elder gods of the Titans in order to save mankind..."
And guess who's going to play one of the Titans? Freakin' Mickey Rourke!!

Mickey Rourke as King Hyperion (Titan of light and the sky)
The dude had always been a great actor and I have admired him since before he boxed professionally. It wasn't until The Wrestler [2008], and to a greater extent Iron Man 2 [2010] was when he was given proper recognition. But anyway, he's better appreciated now, and I'm glad.

Joining him are the soon-to-be Superman, Henry Cavill as well as one of my favourite "old man" actor, John Hurt.

But you know what I think is the best reason to be excited about this movie? I can't say it any better than the director Tarsem Singh, and here's what he had to say about his third movie;
"Basically, Caravaggio [1986] meets Fight Club [1999]. It’s a really hardcore action film done in Renaissance painting style. I want to see how that goes; it’s turned into something really cool. This guy who I really love, who’s the only one person in it right now, is the brother in The Tudors, Henry Cavill. I’m going for a very contemporary look on top of that so I’m kind of going with, you know, Renaissance time with electricity. So it’s a bit like Baz Luhrman doing Romeo + Juliet [1996] in Mexico; it’s just talking a particular Greek tale and half contemporising it and telling it...."
In other words, it's not going to be like the traditional fantasy period piece. Now, as I have said earlier, no trailer have been released just yet, but here's some of the movie posters to tide you by. As always, click on the images for a larger resolution.

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Zulfahmi said...

Wow~ This seems interesting~

Mickey Rourke!!

I hope it doesn't stink like Clash of the Titans...

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