Monday, April 11, 2011

Favourites #8: Movies From '87

Yeap, you read that right. This particular Favourites entry is going to feature some of my favourite movies released in the year 1987. Why '87, specifically? Am I just picking numbers at random and feature movies released that year? Of course not. I'm sure you're perceptive enough to guess that I was born that year and today, April 11th, is my birthday!

So I searched for movies released that year, and imagine my delight to discover that some of my favourite movies are coincidentally as old as I am. Not that I'm that old to begin with, but I'm at least two decades old yet these movies didn't seem like they have aged a single day.

#1 Predator
Released : June 12th
Director : John McTiernan
Genre : Action/Science fiction

This one had always been an all-time favourite of mine, so naturally it was the first of many good movies released in 1987 that I could recall. Iconic, tight, gripping and manly, among many other things, it's hard to look past this one even if you are just a casual movie fan.

#2 Good Morning, Vietnam
Released : December 23rd
Director : Barry Levinson
Genre : Comedy/Drama

One of Robin Williams' most memorable performances, it almost seemed like they allow him to do what he does best; stand-up comedy on the radio. The cultural significance isn't felt much here due to the Vietnam War setting, but all the same it doesn't disrupt the movie watching experience because in essence, this is a comedy that pokes fun at war in general.

#3 Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Released : March 6th
Director : John Hughes
Genre : Comedy/Drama

This is a movie that I didn't really appreciate the first time I saw it. But that's only because I was pretty young when I saw it, and the humour and family values shown in the movie was lost on me. But a couple of years later, this became one of the funniest movies I've seen to feature two people with no chemistry whatsoever, and not to mention very heartwarming too.

#4 RoboCop
Released : March 6th
Director : Paul Verhoeven
Genre : Science fiction

Another one of my childhood obsessions, I used to think that RoboCop is the coolest robot ever. In fact, I still think he is awesome. But as a youth, I didn't get the underlying messages behind the movie. You see, I used to think it was a straightforward Science fiction movie. But in actuality there is a strong satirical overtone to this movie about capitalism, media and human nature in general.

#5 Full Metal Jacket
Released : June 26th
Director : Stanley Kubrick
Genre : War drama

There's hardly a Stanley Kubrick movie that I don't like. Although I don't exactly like this one best, it certainly is far better than plenty of movies released that year, and one of the classic war movies. Just like all of Stanley Kubrick movies, this one is also strange and almost difficult to watch (like the sudden change in scale and tone in the middle of the movie), yet you can't look away.

#6 Lethal Weapon
Released : March 6th
Director : Richard Donner
Genre : Action/Buddy cop

The movie that defined the Buddy cop genre, how can you not love the one that started it all? It featured many of the conventions of the genre that are considered cliches today, it wasn't exactly original even back then, but it was certainly refreshing.

#7 The Princess Bride
Released : March 6th
Director : Rob Reiner
Genre : Fantasy/Comedy

Even though the film society often discredit Cary Elwes (or maybe it was me who didn't get their sense of humour), I love the guy and I think this is one of his best performances as a good-looking-but-goofy character archetype. The movie was also a combination of plenty of genres that I always enjoy watching, and that includes fantasy, adventure and they're interspersed with comedy.

#8 Spaceballs
Released : March 6th
Director : Mel Brooks
Genre : Parody

This one has got to be my favourite Mel Brooks movie, second only to Robin Hood: Men in Tights [1993]. It's pretty much Mel Brooks doing what he does best, and that is "spoofing" popular movies through clever observation and subtle yet hilarious delivery. Ah yes, it was a time when parody movies were actually funny, unlike those by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

#9 Three Men and a Baby
Released : March 6th
Director : Leonard Nimoy
Genre : Comedy

I didn't see this movie until quite recently, thanks to my dad who recommended it. Nowadays it might be considered a cliche, but unlike Charlie Chaplin's The Kid [1921] or any movie that feature the "fish out of water" theme, this movie benefitted from having three of the most popular actors in the day, and their chemistry was what made this movie a timeless comedy, the kind you'd want to see on Father's Day.


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