Friday, April 1, 2011

The Most Sadistic Family Film

To date, it is the highest-grossing live action comedy of all time. It propelled its main star into one of the most recognisable child actors ever. Needless to say, it was also the favourite of many children of the 90's, citing it as one of the most entertaining movies they have ever seen in their childhood. But did you also know that it was also very very sadomasochistic?

Sure, we all laughed about it when we were younger. But as an adult, I cringed when I looked back upon it, and remembering some of the most sadistic scenes pieced together, and passed off as a family-friendly movie.

This fuckin' movie...
For starters, the movie also starred Joe Pesci, not exactly known for being a family-friendly figure;

Raging Bull [1980]
Goodfellas [1990]
Casino [1995]
Yes, I know the guy is an actor. Nobody says you have to stick to just one genre. But still, once you know that Joe Pesci is not a guy to be messed with, it kinda shed a different light on the matter when you hear his trademarked way of cursing and berate someone for their incompetence. Observe;

That's the guy Macaulay Culkin messed with.

By making the steps slippery with ice
Leaving sharp ornaments by the window
And a red hot iron on the doorknob...
And those are just three of the examples. Granted, I understand that he was just a boy, and I am not one to go easy on thieves and robbers either. But what happened to those two guys were just plain sadistic;

An iron dropped from the first floor right onto his face
Potential second or even third degree burn
Potentially cracking his skull from falling down the steps
Shrapnel digging into his feet
Slamming against the wall at about 10km/h...
Well, at least our tiny hero regretted going overboard in ensuring his safety. Oh wait, no he didn't!

Oh well... Let's just hope he turned out well and not at all creepy as an adult.

............. Crap.

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