Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New "X-Men: First Class" Trailer

Sometime in February, I posted news about X-Men First Class, the first X-Men movie in years worth getting excited about. My exact words were, "A reboot, possibly meaning that it will go back to its roots; a superhero movie with a great political subtext, an ensemble of interesting characters, and so on" and by the looks of this new trailer, it would appear that it wasn't too presumptuous of me to assume that.

Check out this new trailer recently released on YouTube, although I have to apologise I couldn't find one that is entirely in English. But don't worry, it's only the text that are in Japanese. The dialogue and everything else are still in English. Also, there are some technical difficulties in posting the video here, so kindly click on the image and it will redirect you to the video.

1 comment:

Zulfahmi said...

I love what I see... :-)

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