Wednesday, April 6, 2011

P. Ramlee on the History Channel

Released quite some time ago, I was blown away by this documentary. For our generation, we have come to know P. Ramlee as nothing less than a legendary entertainer. Understandably for us, it was almost unthinkable that he went through a rough patch when he was treated like dirt.

But what is done is done. This entry is not going to be about me paying any sort of a tribute to a man who needs no introduction, I'm just going to talk about the documentary itself.

Long story short, I say it is a must for every Malaysian or anyone who loves the world of cinema. Well, it gets a little weepy and dragged out towards the end, not to mention a little preachy. But then again it's all very true so I hope there will be a lesson learned here. I just have one question before I end this entry; Who translated the damn thing?

"His death is irreplaceable", really? What, did you use the Google translator for that? I don't want to risk being called a Grammar Nazi, so I shall not explain why this is wrong here. You either get it, or you don't.

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