Monday, April 18, 2011

Sean Penn is (was?) a Gothic Rockstar

In the long list of interesting (and rather off-beat movies), you can add yet another one to the list; a movie called This Must Be the Place [2011] starring Sean Penn. Now this movie is brand new, announced only a day ago so there is no proper cinematic trailer available yet. However, they did put out a teaser trailer that did little to clue you in on the story, but did everything to leave you wanting to know more about it;

It has been reported that the movie is about a retired rock star (clearly based on one of the most iconic bands of all time, The Cure) finally making his return home to his family, after the demise of his father. But he returned too late, his conscience gets cloudier after learning of his father's tragic past as a victim of the Holocaust. In an attempt to make amends to his father, he set out on a quest to avenge his father by hunting down a former Nazi guard, who now lives in hiding.

The main selling point, or should I say, the reason for people turning their heads to the direction of this movie would easily be Sean Penn. While I am hardly a fan of his work, few will not find this particular role of his somewhat alluring. Check out some photos of him I managed to snag off the internet;

Interesting, huh? I like how fresh the story sounds, doesn't sound like something we have seen before. If that teaser trailer up there is any indication, this might be easy on the eyes too. I love how the mellow, soothing song playing in the background complement the visuals. But it's too early to call this movie anything, so let's just leave this one at that for now.

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