Sunday, April 17, 2011

Two Movies (Secretly) Fuelled by Drugs

Before I proceed, let me clarify that I absolutely hate abusing drugs. So much, that I even refrain from using them when I'm sick. Granted, it's not called abusing drugs then, but you catch my drift. Therefore, it's only hypothetical that I'm featuring two movies I believe are secretly fuelled by drugs. I can't say from experience that I know how these drugs affect you, but through some reading and other things I picked up along the way, I daresay I'm not too far off.

On a totally unrelated note, here's a picture of Bob Marley...
Ah hell, I'm writing this just for laughs, so don't get all Nazi on the details.

#1 Tron: Legacy [2010]
Drugs : Ecstasy

I'm surprised that they didn't just come out and call this movie Tron: Ecstasy because, well c'mon... Who are they kidding? Clearly this movie was written by screenwriters dry on ideas, and decided to just go out and have a good time... at a rave party. It was there when they got inspired, after a couple of doses of ecstasy, of course.

You don't see things like these when you're sober...
Scuba suits + Glow sticks = Another thing you couldn't have thought of while sober...
It doesn't help that the movie was scored by the gods of rave, Daft Punk. Anyone else can't help but conjure up images of people high on ecstasy when you listen to this?

#2 Gajendra [2004]
Drugs : Phencylidine (PCP)

This is a bit of a cheap shot, considering that the reason I'm placing this movie here is not something exclusive to this particular movie from South India. It would appear all of action heroes in Tamil Nadu are either on crack or PCP. However, this fight scene was the first in a long time that made me go "Holy shit!" three separate times. Observe;

Yeap, so what made this movie stand out was because practically everybody in the scene were on PCP. Exactly what made them think that being suspended in mid-air by nothing but vines was a good way to fight? The only explanation is that they weren't thinking, they couldn't have because they got too stoned to think. But unluckily for them, our hero had PCP for breakfast too, as evidenced by this;

It took him a while to figure it out, but he later decided to put his body fat percentage to good use and made up a whole new form of martial arts on the spot; something I can only describe as the Tae Kwon Demolition Ball.

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