Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Boy Who Lived, Now a Man Fighting For Survival

ahh... Harry Potter. It has been nearly fourteen years, but it feels like not so long ago when my mum bought me a copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, that was actually my first Harry Potter book. Of course, after learning that it was actually a serial, I didn't touch it until I got my hand on the previous books.

Do excuse me, I was traipsing down memory lane. I liked it for the story when I was younger, as an adult the story felt a bit watered-down but I still am a little obsessed with it anyway because of the sentimental value.

Although whoever photoshopped this is more obsessed than I am...
So imagine my mixed feelings knowing that it is all coming to an end. But hell, it sure looks like they're going out with a bang!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kongsi [2011]

Director: Farid Kamil
Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Fizo Omar, Yana Samsudin, Bront Palarae
Genre: Action/Comedy/Crime thriller
Rating: General
Comment: "A decent action flick with some blaring plot holes and a rather confusing story..."

The authority of Malaysian crime lords is shaken when a mysterious man from the south of Thailand makes his way through the underground world, taking out key members of several different gangs. With the police taking notice, and the gangs are out for blood, the man has to outrun both of them while he roam the streets of Kuala Lumpur to fulfill his mission.

What to Expect
1. Decent action sequences
2. Likable characters (especially the protagonist)
3. Cool fight scenes
4. The "comedy" was mainly sight gags
5. To fill in a lot of blanks

What NOT to Expect
1. The story to make much sense

Brandon Routh, Detective For the Undead

Pretty boy Brandon Routh is that someone best remembered for playing the emo version of the title character in Superman Returns [2006], whose crotch was rumoured to have been digitally-downsized in post-production, supposedly to make the film more family-friendly.

Notice how one of his muscles didn't bulge...?
Anyway, I don't think he has had a starring role since, but sometime in early June, we'll get to see him play another comic book character in a movie called Dylan Dog: Dead of Night [2011], a detective specialising in paranormal cases. Van Helsing [2004] this is not. Check out the trailer, it's pretty funny.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides [2011]

Director: Rob Marshall
Cast: Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, Ian McShane, Kevin McNally
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Rating: General
Comment: "It's Pirates of the Caribbean, with the novelty value worn off..."

At the dawn of the age of pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) struggles to make a living without his ship or his crew. A reunion with his loyal first in command, Gibbs (Kevin McNally) reveals that Jack has something up his sleeve after all. They set on their quest to search for the fountain of youth, only to learn that the most vicious pirate of them all, Blackbeard is also after it along with his daughter, an old flame of Jack's, Angelica (Penelope Cruz).

What to Expect
1. An adventure that feels a bit dragged out
2. Gorgeous mermaids
3. Cool new characters
4. A "forced" Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it
5. An obvious set up for a sequel (or a new trilogy, perhaps?)

What NOT to Expect
1. A complete absence of a romantic subplot
2. Characterisations

A Killer-Cop Hunts Down a Cop-Killer in "Blitz"

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like we could use a bit more of a favourite "tough-guy" actor of mine, Jason Statham before the end of this year. Although The Mechanic [2011] wasn't bad, and not to mention memorable in its own right, I didn't enjoy it all that much. Probably because I tend to like Statham more when he's not an overpowered action hero.

So check this out, a movie already released in the States, though we'll only be seeing it in our cinemas sometime in mid-June. A movie entitled Blitz, promoted as a Crime thriller.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Zoe Saldana Going Bananas in "Colombiana"

If I were to list down every tough chick flicks ever made I'd probably ramble on about everything from Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [2001] to the latest Salt [2010]. But you get that idea anyway if I put it that way, and guess what, here's another one to add to the list and it's called Colombiana [2011].

I know, the downside of it is that it kind of looks like a movie about the African-American Evelyn Salt. Heck, she even kinda look like her. But I'm going to give it a chance anyway because the  movie was written by Luc Besson, whom I am a huge fan of. Check out the trailer, there's nothing outstanding about it, but it doesn't look too bad either.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Favourites #11 : Speeches

I don't know about you, but I love listening to inspirational speeches they often have in movies. I regularly view some of them because they are actually inspirational, while others can be rather trite but still, I watch them to see how the actor immerse his or herself into their role when one of these speeches come along. Sometimes I wonder if they even believe what they're saying at all, or were they just concerned with their paycheck.

Because these guys weren't...
Anyway before I proceed, I don't know if you have seen this, but it's a mash-up of inspirational speeches found in movies as far back as It's a Wonderful Life [1946] to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End [2007]. Very cleverly made too, if I may add;

I cracked up that they finished it with "independence day!", but all the same I was intrigued because whoever made that must have a really good memory to string the clips together like that. I'm much too lazy to come up with something like that, so I'll just give you some of the inspirational speeches from movies that I watch regularly;

Brilliant Trailers For "The Green Lantern" & "Transformers 3"

Damn man... I'm beginning to doubt myself if I was right to somehow shun these two movies, because both of their newly-released trailers look fantastic! I'll save my comments for later, feast your eyes on the trailers first;

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Official Photo of Tom Hardy as Bane

Anybody still keeping track of The Dark Knight Rises slated for release next year? Though I am looking forward to it, I never thought we'll be seeing much of it until later this year, or early next year. You know, around the time when the marketing campaign will really take off.

In late February I made an entry about the movie, around the time when casting was mostly a rumour. Well, it's no longer news by now, Tom Hardy was cast as Bane. A seemingly odd choice because although he's not exactly a small guy, he's not big like professional wrestlers either. But considering that he once beefed up to play UK's most notorious prisoner in Bronson [2009], I was rather convinced in a way because this guy doesn't mind not looking pretty all the time.

So without further ado, here's the newly-released official photo of Tom Hardy as Bane. There's only one so far, but enough to create some kind of excitement, I presume?

Click on image for a larger resolution

What's In a Title?

"A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet", I know that Shakespeare quote is rather trite by now, having heard of it since early in our school days. But is there really a better way of putting it?

There isn't. I should know, I revolutionised the English language...
Here's the thing, the reason I came up with this entry is because I've recently heard of the title change for the movie Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa [2011]. No, I'm not referring to its other The Malay Chronicles title either. I'm talking about this;

Yes, that really is the movie title & poster for its UK distribution

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hell Ride [2008]

Director: Larry Bishop
Cast: Larry Bishop, Michael Madsen, Eric Balfour, Dennis Hopper, Vinnie Jones
Genre: Thriller/Biker
Rating: Adult (graphic nudity, violence)
Comment: "A good homage to the genre, with some excesses of its own..."

Pistolero (Larry Bishop), leader of the Victors motorcycle gang returns to the scene along with his two loyal lieutenants, The Gent (Michael Madsen) and Comanche (Eric Balfour). This return is the result of the reformation of a rival gang, the Six-Six-Six'ers led by The Deuce (David Carradine) and Billy Wings (Vinnie Jones), bringing along with them some unfinished business between the two rival gangs. All bets are off, now it's all about "kill or be killed".

What to Expect
1. Some over-the-top biker machismo
2. Gratuitous nudity
3. Some sexual content
4. Awesome bikes!

What NOT to Expect
1. The Tarantino charm

Favourites #10 : Superheroes

Those who went to school with me might remember that I had a hobby that gave my parents and teachers plenty of headaches; I was obsessed with superheroes, to the extent that I must have written and drawn no less than thirty different series of them in exercise books. Most were simply my version of the popular superheroes at the time, but there was a handful of them that I created and those were the only ones that I finished drawing from cover to cover.

Too bad I threw them all away in a tantrum. Can't remember why.

Apparently my superheroes were not immortals...
As an adult, I barely draw anymore. I'd hate to give up my love for all things creative and artistic, but if things don't look up, I might just have to. Well, at least there are superhero movies I could enjoy.

Speaking of which, Superhero movies is pretty much a genre that is here to stay, and frankly I welcome it to stay for as long as possible. But all the same, superhero movies are a bit of a hit-and-miss type of thing because for every one superhero movie that I like, there are heaps that I simply loathe. For example, I never reviewed Ghost Rider [2007], but that was a god-awful superhero movie, wasn't it?

Even my love for badass bikes and leather jackets couldn't save it...
Sometimes it's not even about B-list superheroes. Other big names like Superman had also fallen out of my favour since he was all about whining, stopping Lex Luthor's real estate scams and rescuing kittens. So yeah, being all powerful does not guarantee that I will like it, as evidenced by this list of five superheroes that I like;

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most WTF(?!) Fight Scenes Ever

Just recently I made an entry about the ridiculousness of the ending for The Karate Kid [1984], and that entry reminded me that I have seen far better worse fight scenes ever passed off as Martial arts. At least The Karate Kid fuckin' tried, the same can't be said of these clips;

Exhibit A. The groans and oiled-up torso made it appear like they'll engage in some hardcore gay porn after the fight (not shown). Note that this is the most believable out of the three videos I'm gonna show you here.

Exhibit B. A fight scene choreographed without any common sense, enough said.

Exhibit C. A boxing scene so intense, you cringe every time the punches connect. That knockout punch was so powerful the referee shouldn't even have to count, there's no way he would have gotten up from that! If anything, the fight should have been stopped a lot sooner...

Owh, I was actually describing a Rocky Marciano fight.

Chasing Amy [1997]

Director: Kevin Smith
Cast: Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee, Dwight Ewell
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Rating: Adult (overt theme of sexuality)
Comment: "Probably the quirkiest love story I've seen so far..."

Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Jason Lee) are long-time friends and also happen to be successful comic book artists, who pretty much live the dream of many in their field. They spend their days working and nights just hanging out. Their friendship gets strained for the first time when Holden falls for a girl named Alyssa (Joey Lauren Adams), a lesbian.

What to Expect
1. Not your typical romantic comedy
2. A bunch of dick jokes
3. Lengthy dialogues about sexuality
4. Some anti-gay slurs
5. Pretty realistic too

What NOT to Expect
1. Predictable plot progression
2. Over-the-top romantic gestures

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tintin's Latest Adventure, and I Might Actually Give a Damn

I couldn't call myself a fan of Herge's most famous work, The Adventures of Tintin. But I do have some idea of what it's about since I once played a Tintin video game (I never finished it, though) and I simply love the very concept of it. The title character Tintin is a Belgian reporter with a knack for adventures. Along with his pet dog, Snowy, they travel the world while getting themselves involved in swashbuckling adventures and mysteries.

The cast of the original comic strips...
I'm not all too familiar with any story arcs they had in the comic strips, but I can only assume that they are trying to bring the charm of it into the big screen. Yeah, I can only assume because the teaser trailer left a lot to be desired. See for yourself.

Worst Martial Artist Ever?

Yeah, probably something you've already thought of before, but I'd like to point it out here anyway. Exactly why was The Karate Kid [1984] such a monumental achievement in cinema? Granted, I was once a fan too. But in my defense I was also about eleven years old, and I used to think the guys of Motley Crue were macho.

Note the near absence of testosterone...
I'm not a tough guy, nor do I pretend or claim to be. But I do have plenty of common sense to go around, and I've invested some time actually learning how to fight (though I never was any good at it, I hate hurting people). But what I'm saying here is that sometimes, whoever choreographed or directed these fictional martial artists, they are not practitioners themselves which is why we ended up with this;

Feel free to watch the whole thing, my bone is with the infamous Crane Kick at 14:20

An "X-Men: First Class" Clip, and Some Funnies

There seem to be a lot of these entries about the upcoming X-Men: First Class [2011]. Note that while I am looking forward to this one, I'm not as excited as the number of entries might imply. But the marketing campaign involves releasing some videos that are too good for me to look the other way, and here's another video; a one-minute and six-second video that further separates this movie with the previous X-Men movies.

Excuse the mirror image, I have no idea why it turned out like that...

On an unrelated note, here are some other X-Men related videos I found on YouTube that I can only describe as "Epic wins". Short videos but very, very cleverly made.

If X-Men was adapted into a sitcom

If X-Men had its own Smallville-like television series...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Real Steel" = Robot Balboa

Last month we had a first look at the some sort of a teaser trailer for the upcoming Real Steel movie starring Hugh Jackman. That trailer left me blinking at the end of it, wondering who came up with the idea of placing Transformers rejects inside the ring and make a movie out of it. I didn't shun it, if anything I was curious. Boxing is, after all, my favourite sport. So I kept an eye out for more news about this movie and here's what I found;

Priest [2011]

Director: Scott Stewart
Cast: Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Karl Urban, Maggie Q, Christopher Plummer, Lily Collins
Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Action
Rating: Teen (horrific images)
Comment: "It rests a little too heavily on the cool factor, because there really isn't much else to love about the movie..."

In an alternate universe where man and vampires wage war against each other, there was no clear winner until the church began training a special caste of warriors simply called Priests. With this new weapon, the vampires were soundly beaten and kept imprisoned underground. Now that they have fulfilled their raison d'etre, the priests were left without purpose or direction hence the church's decision to disband them. The story then shifts its focus on one particular Priest (Paul Bettany) whose niece gets kidnapped, forcing him to abandon the church law and track down the vampires who took her.

What to Expect
1. The cool factor
2. Paul Bettany's trademark icy-coolness
3. Interesting spin on the Christian lore
4. Plain ol' popcorn movie

What NOT to Expect
1. Anything out of the ordinary
Wait for the DVD perhaps?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Horror Movie That Traumatised Me For Real

I'm not a big fan of horror, I've said it before and I'll say it again and again. But I would never discredit the genre as rubbish since they are known to have actually cause real-life scares. Most are blown out of proportion, but all the same the consequences are real. For example, as I'm sure you've heard, Spielberg's Jaws [1975] got so many people afraid to swim in the ocean but worse still, caused fishermen to mercilessly kill sharks until they are now facing extinction.

Of course, it doesn't help that they don't look anything like Koala Bears...
But still, if sharks are really Death incarnate, then that diver is fucked!
So what I'm saying is, while most horror movies are laughable (like Friday the 13th, etc), the ones that are really well-written and effectively play out our deepest fears can really traumatise you. Oh, mine's not Jaws [1975].

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Great American Hero

Several more weeks and we'll get to see the great American hero getting a movie of his own. No, I'm not talking about JFK. No, I'm not talking about Rambo either. I'm talking about that American hero who has the American flag all over himself. No, not Rocky! It's Captain America, duh!

Well, okay, alright. I get your point, there are so many of these heroes coming from Tinseltown showing us how feeble we are compared to the United States. And if you have been following this blog for quite some time, you can tell that I am easily turned off by jingoism regardless of where it comes from. However, there is one thing I'm excited about Captain America: The First Avenger [2011]; the World War II setting.

Once you get past the laughable implication that America won the war single-handedly, there is a potential of a good ol' superhero movie here. A good cast with Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci and Hugo Weaving having prominent roles, an underdog story, and attractive visuals. I particularly the look they gave to the title character.

A superhero with a vintage WWII look...
It does look like a costume superheroes of that era would have worn. Other than that, I have little else to say. I might like this one better than that other lesser superhero movie, The Green Lantern [2011].

Release Date : August 4th, 2011 (Malaysia)
Director : Joe Johnston
Starring : Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Dominic Cooper, Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci

The Hurt Locker [2008]

Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Cast: Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty, Christian Camargo, David Morse
Genre: War/Drama
Rating: General
Comment: "A suspenseful war drama that captured the intensity and unpredictability of the life of soldiers..."

Amidst all the craziness going on in the Iraq War, the movie chronicles the time when the US Army are in the early stages of the post-invasion in Iraq. A three-man bomb squad scour cities where everybody is potentially an Iraqi insurgent and anything could blow up in their faces at any second. All the while the three of them have to cope with the turbulent relationship they have with each other.

What to Expect
1. A strong documentary-like feel to it
2. Tight and suspenseful plot progression
3. An anti-war film

What NOT to Expect
1. A Michael Bay-esque movie
Not as "nearly-perfect" a movie as they say, but it is good.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sure, He's Back... But Now What?

It's old news by now, but the air has yet to clear about what's next in store for the former bodybuilder, former action star, former governor and now he's back to Tinseltown, I lukewarmly welcome to Arnold Schwarzenegger! Don't get me wrong, just like many born in the 80s, I love the guy. He epitomise the kind of machismo and heroism back in the day when being glittery isn't considered desirable.

But let's face it, the guy was never a real actor to begin with. What made him an icon was his mere presence, not because he was able to move us emotionally. Now that he is a lot older, making the transition from an action star to a serious actor a la Mickey Rourke might take more than a smirk and the ol' "I'll be back".

I'll be back, with a lot more "me"...

If Stephenie Meyer Wrote...

Ignore this if you like, but I'm going to take another stab at author Stephenie Meyer, because I never get tired of poking fun at Twilight. I'm not being mean, my code dictates that I can make fun of something as much as I like if it's unforgivably lame to begin with. Adding fuel to the fire is the commercial success, but hey, that's not her fault. If anything, good for her, you know?

I can type with only... oh wait, I've already used that joke.
Turns out she gave people what they wanted to see, which is the highest honour any writer could give. All the same, Twilight really isn't my cup of tea, though it has been a subject of ridicule many times over in this blog. And here's another one;

What if Stephenie wrote other famous works? I here three of some of the more popular adaptations in film history...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weirdest Casting Considerations

Ever saw an actor play a role and went, "Wow, it's like he/she's made for that character!"...? That is the result of perfect casting. For instance, Bruce Willis as an all-time best action hero John McClane, Hugh Jackman who is now immortalised as Wolverine, Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates in Psycho [1960], Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator [2000], Will Smith in plenty of his movies and others too numerous to mention.
- From If the Shoe Fits [May 27th, 2010]

Art by Bugsy Garcia
That was an entry I wrote almost a year ago. I know, I know. It's very pretentious of me to quote from myself, but I'm not trying to sound clever here, I'm just trying to make a point. What could have happened if the production crew filmed any one of these movies using one of the actors they considered, but didn't choose for the movie?

Who's This Pretty Boy?

Here's a little something I've had for quite a while, but I couldn't come with any sort of a list to include it in. I'm sure there's something, it's just been eluding me so far. Now that it's fast becoming old news, I figured "what the hell?" and just feature this one guy. So here goes, do you recognise this pretty boy?

Yeah, it was in the 80's and New Wave music was at the height of its popularity. This guy had a career in music that few are aware of, and he is now a comedian (also one of my favourites) with a couple of movies under his belt and a very successful television show. Can you guess who it is?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tom Hardy Mixes It Up in "Warrior"

I love combat sports. I don't know if I've mentioned here on this blog, although it was implied in that entry I wrote about Hugh Jackman's next big movie, and also my review of The Fighter [2010]. Well anyway, there you have it. I get a lot of weird looks for not being a male non-football fan, but what I do like is arguably the manliest sport ever!

Not my favourite boxer, but I love these shots...
If you remember in that entry I wrote about Tom Hardy, I mentioned that a movie starring him will be released some time this September, a movie called Warrior. I know, the title is not as imaginative as the movie itself, but all the same I'll be watching it anyway because it will prominently feature Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA). Check out the trailer;

Conan is Still a Barbarian, and That's the Way We Like It!

After hundreds of years of civilisation, there are some things that we prefer for them to stay medieval. At least in movies, that is. Well guess what? Conan is back and he's still a barbarian! That's a good thing, mind you. Because I wouldn't want to see Conan 3000 or something like that, with the likes of Robert Pattinson in the title role. No sir, this movie will get all medieval on your ass!

Owh... hell... yeah
I don't remember all that much about the earlier incarnations of the Conan movies, but as my friend here pointed out, the most famous of them all was the one starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. However the one that I really remember was the low-budget television series Conan the Adventurer [1997-1998], which was pretty lame by today's standards. But children of the 90's were a lot easier to please.

Remember this Conan?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

CSI : Cleavage Showing Investigators

Anybody here still watches CSI? May it be the one set in Las Vegas, Miami or even New York (?). Speaking of which, there is one set in New York, right? I wouldn't know, I've lost track of it all. I called their bullshit when I saw that episode where they identified a killer using a still image reflected by a witness' eyeballs as evidence.

I don't remember if this was the one I saw, but it's similar...

That was quite some time ago, who knows what further nonsense they cooked up these days. So why do we put up with the combined total of 620 episodes (and still going) worth of bullshit? Three series of crime scene investigators going beyond the call of duty by making arrests, getting into full-blown gunfights, all the while wearing low-cut tank tops and high heels that are just painful to even look at?

Because it's sensible to wear these when your job description involves crouching over dead bodies and collecting tissue samples?

Kill Bil-... err, Bin Laden?

Frankly I couldn't care less that Osama bin Laden is now dead, the dude was an embarrassment anyway. I'd rather not get into details or get political about this matter. But whatever sentiment you might have about this supposedly martyr of Islam, I don't share it. In fact, I will have none of it.

As far as I'm concerned, the whole situation in the Middle East got so convoluted that even religion became an item of exploitation, and a rallying call by people with questionable motives that has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever. So when Reuters reported that there's a movie about Osama bin Laden already in the works, tentatively called Kill Bin Laden, I was like "Sure, go right on ahead... Demonise him or whatever. I don't care."

Tom Hanks is Larry Crowne

Release Date : July 7th, 2011 (Malaysia)
Director : Tom Hanks
Starring : Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Cedric the Entertainer, Pam Grier

I think after all the explosive and big-budget movies that we have seen this year, not to mention plenty more coming, we could use a little break from all that, don't you think? Well, what better way to do that than to chill out with this upcoming romantic comedy co-written, directed and starring Tom Hanks entitled Larry Crowne.

The story goes like this; A middle-aged man, the titular character Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks) becomes the victim of corporate downsizing, which is really just a fancy way of saying the dude got his ass fired because he was the one deemed "expendable" due to his lack of a college degree. Therefore he decided to go back to school. It is there when he experiences what is generally regarded as some of the best years of a person's life; life as a university student!

Check out the trailer and let me know what's your verdict.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jack Sparrow's Escape

News of the latest installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean series came into the scene as early as February (in this blog). Now that the movie is fast approaching its release date, we are given a taste of what it's going to be like in this one minute video;

What's there not to like? It reminds of the things we love about the first movie so much, The Curse of the Black Pearl [2003] which also happens to be my favourite in the series. That video up there hints at everything about Pirates of the Caribbean that we have come to love so much; Jack Sparrow making a bunch of snappy remarks, comedic action sequences and a lot more.

Be sure to catch it when it comes out on May 19th, 2011 (Malaysia)

The Cell [2000]

Director: Tarsem Singh
Cast: Jennifer Lopez, Vincent D'Onofrio, Vince Vaughn, Dylan Baker
Genre: Thriller/Science fiction
Rating: Adult (graphic violence, horrifying images, nudity)
Comment: "Every bit as intriguing as Inception [2010], although there's a need for a strong stomach to go through this one..."

In a world where the technology to enter the mind of others exists, a social worker, Catherine (Jennifer Lopez) excels at a revolutionary form of therapy using that very same technology. She then gets hired by the FBI to enter the mind of a comatose serial killer, an attempt to find out where has he hidden his latest victim.

What to Expect
1. Director Tarsem Singh's one of a kind vision
2. Vincent D'Onofrio doing what he does best; playing a pyscho
3. A disturbing, yet strangely beautiful presentation
4. Art bordering on violence and sadism
5. Artistic use of motifs and Christian imagery

What NOT to Expect
1. A dull moment
Not very mainstream or commercial, but that doesn't mean it's any less spectacular
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