Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brilliant Trailers For "The Green Lantern" & "Transformers 3"

Damn man... I'm beginning to doubt myself if I was right to somehow shun these two movies, because both of their newly-released trailers look fantastic! I'll save my comments for later, feast your eyes on the trailers first;

The Green Lantern
I was a lot less mean when it came to this movie, I was slightly optimistic although for the most part I simply waved it off as a B-list superhero movie. However, after watching the trailer above, I noticed one thing that might make this movie worth the admission price. Look at the scale of the damn thing, and I'm not referring to the whole thing with intergalactic warfare.

or the CGI minigun...
The feeling of it is simply epic, something that made the older Superman movies so memorable, and arguably something that Superman Returns [2006] lacked. Granted, the only thing that's real in this movie would be Ryan Reynolds' abs, which can only mean that the acting might turn out to be a little bit choppy since the actors seemingly had to work with the green screen (no pun intended) 90% of the time.

But all the same, note the introduction to the Green Lantern mythology, I can only hope that it's as good as the trailer insinuated, otherwise this movie is going to be no better than the Fantastic Four [2005-2007] movies.

Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon
Now this, I remember that I was a lot more cynical, as evidenced by this post. But I'm not going to retract any statements I made in the past, I still maintain that this is just going to be about giant robots destroying everything in their way, and people running helplessly for cover. However at the very least, this third installment of the movie seem take that formula and actually try to make something decent out of it. You did see the trailer, right?

It still makes me giggle whenever I think of how they wrote Neil Armstrong into the movie, presumably as an attempt to make us take it more seriously. I daresay that in this Transformers universe, he is just as insignificant as any other human being. Yes, sir. He'll be forgotten soon after he was introduced. Humans in the Transformers universe are what termites are to us in the real world, we couldn't care less about them.

But again, if the trailer is any indication, I might be willing to shut off my brain for the entire duration of the movie and just enjoy the madness of it all.

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