Thursday, May 5, 2011

CSI : Cleavage Showing Investigators

Anybody here still watches CSI? May it be the one set in Las Vegas, Miami or even New York (?). Speaking of which, there is one set in New York, right? I wouldn't know, I've lost track of it all. I called their bullshit when I saw that episode where they identified a killer using a still image reflected by a witness' eyeballs as evidence.

I don't remember if this was the one I saw, but it's similar...

That was quite some time ago, who knows what further nonsense they cooked up these days. So why do we put up with the combined total of 620 episodes (and still going) worth of bullshit? Three series of crime scene investigators going beyond the call of duty by making arrests, getting into full-blown gunfights, all the while wearing low-cut tank tops and high heels that are just painful to even look at?

Because it's sensible to wear these when your job description involves crouching over dead bodies and collecting tissue samples?
But I get it, it's a TV-show, not a documentary. These people gotta look good and do even the most mundane of tasks in a manner cooler than we do here in real life. That's when it hit me, that's why we put up with all the nonsense.

Because as cool as Dr. Pornthip Rojanasunand can be, she has nothing on the ladies of CSI...

Why did Grissom quit his job again? I know it's because he was going deaf, but dude, you weren't going blind! You probably have one of the best jobs ever. Owh, here's another;

So... so ahh... So... Damn, I forgot what point I was trying to make.

Owh, by the way, it's even parodied in the sitcom Two and a Half Men [2003-]. Check it out, it's pretty funny.

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Finally, finally someone actually wrote about Catherine's low-cut tank tops! I don't know if it's the residue from her stripping days or not, it just seems this woman never learned how to button her one-size too small blouses up properly. Many a time I had to hold my breath when I saw her on screen fearing her 'girls' just might pop out or if she herself might just topple over because of her inflated chest! So glad I am not the only one who's bothered by her wearing heels while working the crime scenes. (Another guilty one was Sofia Curtis. For the life of me I simply couldn't believe a homicide detective would wear heels while on duty.) Wouldn't it be something to marvel at if either of these women had to flee from a burning building or chase the baddies down a dark alley way?

The most realistic looking one is Sara Sidle; yet she's branded as dowdy. (But that woman could clean up nicely as we could tell from watching The Two Mrs. Grissoms episode.) So what's the implication and signal CSI was trying to send out?

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