Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kongsi [2011]

Director: Farid Kamil
Cast: Shaheizy Sam, Fizo Omar, Yana Samsudin, Bront Palarae
Genre: Action/Comedy/Crime thriller
Rating: General
Comment: "A decent action flick with some blaring plot holes and a rather confusing story..."

The authority of Malaysian crime lords is shaken when a mysterious man from the south of Thailand makes his way through the underground world, taking out key members of several different gangs. With the police taking notice, and the gangs are out for blood, the man has to outrun both of them while he roam the streets of Kuala Lumpur to fulfill his mission.

What to Expect
1. Decent action sequences
2. Likable characters (especially the protagonist)
3. Cool fight scenes
4. The "comedy" was mainly sight gags
5. To fill in a lot of blanks

What NOT to Expect
1. The story to make much sense

Whoever said I don't watch and that I often shun local movies should really reconsider that statement. I have nothing against local movies, if anything I was kind of looking forward to this, although I didn't leave the theater feeling as satisfied as I thought I would have. I appreciate the action part of the movie, but everything else about it left a lot to be desired.

So yeah, you'd be surprised to see that the action sequences and fight scenes were well-thought out and the movie didn't make us wait at all to see that. The opening scene featured the mysterious protagonist assaulting some gangsters with some solid-looking Muay Thai moves. Don't be so quick as to draw comparisons with the likes of Ong Bak [2003] or Tom-Yum-Goong [2005], those movies were purely a Martial arts spectacle with almost no story.

Kongsi, on the other hand, had a really good concept but couldn't really decide between telling a story, or it just wants us to sit back and enjoy the fight scenes and the sight gags.

Yes, if you were to watch carefully, they had a pretty good concept for a story in hand. But somewhere along the way, it seemed like the movie got too big for the story and things simply spiralled out of control, with no explanation why the characters acted that way, and me blinking confusingly when the credits started to roll.

Simply put, the movie kind of relied on the audience to fill in the blanks a bit too much, and I can just imagine the words "all of a sudden" and "out of nowhere" written all over the screenplay. Well, if the characters always seem to know where and when to show up, I call that a plot hole. What would you have called it?

Even more jarring, when they're close to the ending, it's like writer-director Farid Kamil said "ah, screw it!" and decided to add a little Fast & Furious flavour to the movie. Oh, the car chase was good, it just seemed out of place, that's all.

Should you go see it?
Yeah, why not? I'd prefer a second viewing of this rather than Nur Kasih [2011] any day. It wasn't spectacular or anything, but if you could excuse some distracting plot holes, there are many things to laugh about and some action sequences to gawk at.

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