Monday, May 2, 2011

Local Horror Movies Are Dangerous (?)

Taken from a newspaper I happened to be reading last Sunday, this has got to be the latest addition to Malaysia's ever-increasing list of laughable moral panics. I even snapped a photo of the damn thing;

Click on image for a better resolution...
If you couldn't be bothered to read through all that, it's basically about reminding Muslims in the country to not get carried away with what they see in locally-produced horror films and TV dramas as it could lead to "the loss of faith" and "becoming polytheists". Then I read about who instigated this matter and threw my head back and had a good laugh. Apparently this Dewan Pemuda Masjid people are concerned about some kind of a moral decay and sought to curb horror film productions from around the country.

Who you're gonna call? Dewan Pemuda Masjid!
Now, I am not a fan of horror films in general. In fact, it is unlikely that I will miss it should these people are successful in banning homemade horror movies. But still, the reasons given are laughable at best and did not at all reflect how intelligent they like to think they are. If anything it's the opposite.

A direct quote is that they fear that people will start "worshipping satan to destroy other people and to gain immense fortune". In other words, they're afraid that a Black Metal-like movement might make a comeback and we will have our own Church of Satan like the one founded by Anton LaVey.

Also featured in the article is director Ahmad Idham, famed for not knowing how to do anything else besides third rate horror movies. The article didn't call him out on anything, even those from Dewan Pemuda Masjid didn't name any film-makers deemed as the culprit and potential Ayah Pins or the aforementioned Anton Lavey. But he was the one trying to call their bullshit by welcoming a discussion between the group and film producers.

Ahmad Idham is an agent of Satan? Is it possible?


Anonymous said...

sebenarnya kan cerita seram mmg mempengaruhi...menurut pandangan ulama, mereka gusar yang cerita2 seram ni boleh membuatkan kita lebih takutkan hantu dan syaitan dr takutkan Allah...well, it's true..ramai org bila kat tempat2 tertentu mcm kubur lebih risau terserempak dengan hantu dan bukannya rasa insaf melihat kubur (tempat dimana kita akan berada suatu hari nnt)
mungkin, itu yg cuba disampaikan oleh pendapat je...

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

What you said was all true, but I'm poking fun at the points explicitly stated in the news.

Bab2 yang lain tu, still agak kelakar la kalau nak blame horror movies yang lame dan tak scary pun. Hantu-hantu jembalang ni semua culture yang orang kita tak reti2 nak lupakan... so ada alternative lain yang lagi make sense rather than banning movies.

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