Thursday, May 19, 2011

Most WTF(?!) Fight Scenes Ever

Just recently I made an entry about the ridiculousness of the ending for The Karate Kid [1984], and that entry reminded me that I have seen far better worse fight scenes ever passed off as Martial arts. At least The Karate Kid fuckin' tried, the same can't be said of these clips;

Exhibit A. The groans and oiled-up torso made it appear like they'll engage in some hardcore gay porn after the fight (not shown). Note that this is the most believable out of the three videos I'm gonna show you here.

Exhibit B. A fight scene choreographed without any common sense, enough said.

Exhibit C. A boxing scene so intense, you cringe every time the punches connect. That knockout punch was so powerful the referee shouldn't even have to count, there's no way he would have gotten up from that! If anything, the fight should have been stopped a lot sooner...

Owh, I was actually describing a Rocky Marciano fight.

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