Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sure, He's Back... But Now What?

It's old news by now, but the air has yet to clear about what's next in store for the former bodybuilder, former action star, former governor and now he's back to Tinseltown, I lukewarmly welcome to Arnold Schwarzenegger! Don't get me wrong, just like many born in the 80s, I love the guy. He epitomise the kind of machismo and heroism back in the day when being glittery isn't considered desirable.

But let's face it, the guy was never a real actor to begin with. What made him an icon was his mere presence, not because he was able to move us emotionally. Now that he is a lot older, making the transition from an action star to a serious actor a la Mickey Rourke might take more than a smirk and the ol' "I'll be back".

I'll be back, with a lot more "me"...
I'm not freakin' saying that he should call it quits because he's old. If anything, he wasn't exactly a kid when he was at the height of his movie career. His first big plunge into superstardom I believe was The Terminator [1984] and he was already in his late 30s then. By the time he starred in what is in my mind one of the best movies ever made, Terminator 2: Judgment Day [1991], he was 44 years old.

So yeah, now that he's 64 years old, all I'm saying is that his action hero days should be over. That is, unless he takes a page off Sylvester Stallone and beef up.

Here's Stallone sometime in 2009, and he's a year older than Schwarzenegger
So am I saying you shouldn't make an action movie unless you look good? Damn straight I am. Unless you're making action movies in Tamil Nadu, tubby heroes are a big no-no in my book.

WTF is this? Kill it! Fuckin' kill it now!!
But here's the big news, Arnold Schwarzenegger is now officially attached to the planned Terminator 5 project as well as a movie called Cry Macho.

For Terminator 5, I have serious doubts. But chances are he wouldn't be playing a Terminator, that's my bet. What nonsense will they cook up to do that? Like, the Terminator's organic tissues also age with time? No, that wouldn't work at all. It's bad enough that the Terminator series have taken the turn for the worst as of late. All I remember from the third movie as well as the television series are nothing but glorified catfights. They need to inject more testosterone this time around for it to be cool again.

Cry Macho, now this is something I think more suited for him. The movie is about a down-on-his-luck horse trainer being hired to kidnap a child. Don't let the premise mislead you, it was said that it will be a drama, not an action movie.

Long story short, I do have mixed feelings about his return to the big screen. But as always, I'm just going to let it play out for a while before I make up my mind.

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