Friday, May 6, 2011

Tom Hardy Mixes It Up in "Warrior"

I love combat sports. I don't know if I've mentioned here on this blog, although it was implied in that entry I wrote about Hugh Jackman's next big movie, and also my review of The Fighter [2010]. Well anyway, there you have it. I get a lot of weird looks for not being a male non-football fan, but what I do like is arguably the manliest sport ever!

Not my favourite boxer, but I love these shots...
If you remember in that entry I wrote about Tom Hardy, I mentioned that a movie starring him will be released some time this September, a movie called Warrior. I know, the title is not as imaginative as the movie itself, but all the same I'll be watching it anyway because it will prominently feature Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA). Check out the trailer;

Fans are divided between Boxing and MMA. I am a fan of both, although I do pay more attention to Boxing. But that is irrelevant right now, because from the looks of it, it seems like the movie is going to do MMA justice; it looks pretty realistic, doesn't it?

Directing this movie will be Gavin O'Connor, whom I only know as the director of Pride and Glory [2008], a crime drama that I quite like starring Edward Norton, Colin Farrell and Jon Voight. This time around he will be working with the aforementioned Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison (♥) and some guy I don't recognise, Joel Edgerton.

That's him on the right...
So you see why I'm not going to disregard this as "just an MMA movie" because unlike those before it, this movie does not star real-life MMA fighters, the closest to it being Kurt Angle. As predictable as the story can be, at the very least there will be actual acting in the movie.

Warrior will be in cinemas on September 9th, 2011 (Malaysia).

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