Monday, May 2, 2011

Who's The Drag?

Hey fellas, wanna play a game?

Yeah, you didn't read that title wrong, the word "drag" there does indeed refer to drag queens. Hold on, why am I featuring drag queens in this movie-themed blog? Well, that's because the drag queens in question are well-known actors, and they also happen to be some of today's favourite faces.

Owh, that's not a drag queen. That's Madonna... Like, seriously.
So the game I'm referring to is really the guessing game, pretty straightforward. I'll put up pictures of our actors in drag first, and you try to guess 'em. The answers and what movie they are from will be revealed after that. Don't cheat! It wouldn't be as much fun for you if you do.

Contestant Number One

Pretty foxy, huh? I gotta admit, of all actors I'm going to list down here, I think this one is the best looking of them all. Probably because he's just as pretty without the drag. Can you guess who this guy is?


Jude Law
What's with the drag?
I haven't seen the movie, but Jude Law here got all "dragged up" for a movie called RAGE [2009]. It's about a blogger (gasp!) who interviews celebrities using only his cellphone.

Contestant Number Two

This one should be easier. If there's anything making it harder, it's probably because of the angle. Had this been shot from the front, his prominent cheekbones would have given him away. Any idea who this is?


Johnny Depp
What's with the drag?
Playing a minor character in the movie Before Night Falls [2000].

Contestant Number Three

This one's just for the giggles because, well... Look how ugly he is. But then again, it probably was never meant to be taken seriously anyway, especially knowing that the actor is a main star of one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.


Matt LeBlanc
What's with the drag?
A World War II comedy called All the Queen's Men [2001]. No wonder.

Contestant Number Four

This one's probably obvious as well, the only thing making it harder is the fact that this guy doesn't embrace any sort of a celebrity status, willing to participate in high-profile movies, but maintain a low-profile lifestyle off-camera. Although, once you've seen him, there's no forgetting those piercing blue eyes.


Cillian Murphy, one of my man-crushes
What's with the drag?
Breakfast on Pluto [2005], a movie I really want to see but it's so goddamn hard to find! Oh well...

Contestant Number Five

This one might be a bit of a spoiler. But hell, the movie was released back in 1992 and I doubt that this will come as a shock to anyone. Even if you haven't seen it, the movie had long entered the realm of pop culture references, referenced in sitcoms like Seinfeld [1989-1998] and movies like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective [1994].


Jaye Davidson
What's with the drag?
His best known role as Dil, in the movie The Crying Game [1992]. Arguably he's a lot prettier than Jude Law, I didn't even know that it was a guy playing Dil until the big reveal. I remember choking on something when I saw it because it took me completely by surprise.

What's that you say? Yeah, that really is a guy. Here, perhaps this one will convince you?

I know... He looks insanely good for a guy.

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