Sunday, June 26, 2011

Well, You Gotta Start Somewhere

A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step, or so the cliche goes. But they wouldn't keep repeating it if it's utter nonsense, right? Many success stories will tell you the same goddamn thing; You got to start somewhere and most of the time, that somewhere is the lowest rung of the ladder. The same goes in show business.

Here, have a look at this opening speech by Jim Carrey, the one that inspired me to scour YouTube for some commercials featuring stars of today, before they were rich and famous.

"A lot of actors started out doing bad commercials", he said. That got me all curious and so my search began. Here's what I found.

#1 Before he was Tyler Durden
I don't know much about this guy, but supposedly he can be a bit of a douche. I have no opinion about that because he strike me as being rather mellow and humble. I'm basing this on the fact that he once worked at a fast food restaurant handing out flyers in a chicken suit. How damaging is that to one's self-esteem, I wouldn't know. But apparently he's not ashamed of his past, so good for him.

Well this isn't about that, he had another famous gig;

By the way, Brad Pitt munching on an entire tube of Pringles potato chips? How unlikely. Guys who eat junk food don't look like that, seriously.

#2 Before he was The One
I must say this was quite a jackpot because I love poking fun at Keanu Reeves. Hey, I don't hate the guy. I may not think much of him as an actor, but I think he suited every role he played thus far.

Including this one... No scratch that, especially this.
So what commercial did he star in? Why don't you see for yourself. It's neither bad or embarrassing, if anything it's quite adorable.

You know what's interesting? I had a deja vu moment when I saw that. No, I'm not making any The Matrix [1999] reference here, I really did have a deja vu moment; A faint recollection of actually seeing that commercial as a child. It's just that I was too young to have known that was Keanu Reeves. Not that anyone else recognised him at the time, anyway.

#3 Before he was Jack Dawson
... and later would mess up with people's dreams, he also starred in a commercial. If you still don't get the pop culture references, I'm referring to the always boyishly-handsome Leonardo DiCaprio, the latest to enter my list of favourite actors ever. But even he didn't start at the top, although arguably his acting resume is the least embarrassing.

And while we're hovering on child actors...

#4 Before she slayed vampires
This was something I remember seeing on Hollywood E! I thought it was the cutest thing I've ever seen, Sarah Michelle Gellar doing a Burger King commercial at the tender age of five. Truth be told I don't think much of her as an adult, but in this commercial she made me laugh out loud at the sheer cuteness of it.

#5 Before he was all about fat jokes
Let's try something else, why don't I show you the photo first, and you try to guess who it is?

I'm sure you guessed it by now. But for those who can't put your finger on it, here's a hint; that screencap up there is the very definition of this actor. He would grow up playing that same character over and over and over again. Same gestures, same expression.

Yeap, it's Jack Black.

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