Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why Jason Momoa Will Be The Most Badass Conan Ever

I have secretly been looking forward to the latest incarnation of Conan the Barbarian, slated for release on August 25th, 2011 (Malaysia). Like I said in that same entry, the reason for that is because I think I could use some male machismo that has been missing in cinemas since 300 [2007]. I suppose you could say The Expendables [2010] was very manly, but there's something about a movie starring aging action heroes that appeals more towards the nostalgia than a genuine thrill ride.

That's where people like Dwayne Johnson comes in, although he has since faded away since the demand for action stars had changed since the 80s. Bulging muscles and a distinctive accent isn't going to cut it anymore. No, nowadays we want our action heroes to not be so one-dimensional which is why the aforementioned 300 was such a hit. Instead of telling a bodybuilder to act, they made a bodybuilder out of an actor.

In the wrong hands, "THIS IS... SPARTA!!" would have been more hilarious than badass
With that being said I have yet to see Jason Momoa in action, until very recently when I began watching HBO's Game of Thrones. Fantastic series, by the way, and boy did Jason Momoa capture my attention every time his scenes came along. I remember how I snapped my fingers and said, "This guy will be a great Conan, regardless of how the movie itself is going to turn out"

Not surprisingly, fanboys are not known for their intelligence and has been detracting him since the first trailer came out. The main complaint seemed to revolve around his physique and I was like, what the hell are they talking about?! The dude's a beefcake! But even better, the guy can act and more importantly, believable as a menacing warrior.

Check this out and if you still have doubts, you're an idiot.

I like how the girl wet her panties watching him deliver that speech. Here's another one, this time with Khal Drogo in walking the talk;


saiazuan said...

xsbr nk tgk conan bru ni..
expendables tu failure pada aku, rmi star tp kurang feel..

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Expendables gempak actually. Just that trend action movies dah berubah, and star semua dah maghrib... so tak berapa convincing, macam ko cakap la, kurang feel.

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