Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kristen Stewart's Ain't No Bitch!

It would appear that out of all the Twilight alumni, Robert Pattinson is the only one I'm having trouble taking seriously. Sure, he might "redeem" himself someday, but while he's getting there, his fellow Twilight co-stars are already making strides towards reinventing themselves. Taylor Lautner is about to show us that those abs aren't just for show, and now Kristen Stewart is making her way towards playing the exact opposite of the whiny, emo bitch character that was Bella Swan.

Sure, you could argue that she had already did something to distance herself from that infernal character, have you seen The Runaways [2010]? I did and although the movie was pretty good, Miss Stewart here was same old same old. Of course, it didn't help that she played her as an emo character. Perhaps the script called for it? I don't know. I don't wanna judge her based on her deadpan performance on the Twilight movies alone.

Now, her latest project is something to look out for, where it looks like she's going to be playing another Joan character, so to speak. Where am I going with this?

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to Snow White and the Huntsman [2012].

It looks pretty good, doesn't it? I know I know, she still has that distressed, I-can't-live-without-sparkly-Edward look on her face. But to be fair, you have to put it into context. As I have said earlier, this looks to be something out of the Joan of Arc territory rather than that Snow White fairy tale we're all too familiar with. So it only makes sense that she's trying to look badass (let's see how the movie pans out first).

Why is she looking badass instead of gullible? Yeap, you guessed it. This is one of those gritty adaptations of a classic fairy tale.

The premise is pretty much the same, the Evil Queen calls for the death of our Snow White, and the Huntsman who's supposed to kill her disobeys the order. But that is where it skews into a tangent, instead of fading away into obscurity, the Huntsman stays and begin mentoring and training Snow White to take on the Evil Queen.

No word on the mirror just yet...
Joining Kristen Stewart is the increasingly popular beefcake Chris Hemsworth. I bet I don't even need to tell you what other movie he has starred in? He will be playing the said Huntsman and seeing what an eye candy he is, I'm sensing a romantic subplot between the two? Well, as long as it's not the kind we saw in Twi- ah, fuck it.

Also, South African beauty Charlize Theron will be playing the Evil Queen (urmm... Oh-kay), while Sam Claflin of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides [2011] fame will play a variation of the Prince Charming archetype, I think.

Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman
Sam Claflin as The Prince... (No, that's not James Franco)
Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen
Oh by the way... I'll have you know that this is not the only Snow White movie in the works. But let's save that for another day, shall we?

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