Saturday, August 20, 2011

Most Terrifying Scene From a Non-Horror Movie

If you remember sometime ago I talked about a particular horror movie that traumatised me. Well today I'm going to do something similar, but of course, as you can already see from the title of this entry, it won't be coming from a horror movie. Instead, it's from a Science fiction/Action movie that happens to be one of my all-time favourites, featuring one of my childhood obsessions.

I didn't get this joke the first time I saw it. Granted, I was only six or seven years old at the time...
Yeap, it's Robocop [1987]. I know it wouldn't come as a surprise to most movie fans as it was noted for being very violent. But none of it was enough to actually traumatise me. Sure, I cringed when ED-209 killed that OCP executive, as well as that iconic scene when they blew off Murphy's hand with a shotgun blast. But neither one of those made me squeal and hide behind a couch.

It was this one, and it wasn't even violent. Well, not really;

So our evil henchman was trying to get back at Robocop
By trying to run him over, or maybe he was trying to smash him into that toxic waste tank
But he didn't count on one thing, Robocop can shoot with surgical precision
And he did just that before calmly walking away
So his plan totally backfired
Only realising it when he emerged from the toxic waste all fucked up
So much that it would make Quasimodo cross himself and count his blessings...
But it's not over, ladies and gents. But I shall say no more. Instead, I'll just let you watch the whole thing here;

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~ku hanya seorang insan~ said...

i love this MOVIE!..Damn Love this movie..Since im 6years old!..HUHU..Miss this RoBOCOP>>!!

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