Saturday, August 6, 2011

Seriously, They Gotta Give Andy Serkis an Oscar

I'll level with you, this movie was nowhere near my list of "most-anticipated" movies this year. I might even go out of limb and assume that virtually no one looked forward to this movie either. If anything, I went to see it out of sheer curiosity and it turned out to be what is probably this year's biggest surprise ever.

I wonder what it is. Is it the awkward title? Is it because it's a movie about apes? Or did Tim Burton and Marky Mark ruined it to point we get all cynical when it comes to the Apes franchise? Well, whatever it was, it's easy to forget all that due to Andy Serkis' winning performance as yet another living, breathing CG character.

Now, even though the Oscars doesn't matter as much as they would have you believe, I would hate to see him get snubbed for an award. Sure, anyone can put on a monkey suit, but it takes one hell of an actor to pull off something like this.

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