Thursday, September 8, 2011

Breakthrough Roles #6

It's been a while since I made a Breakthrough Roles entry, hasn't it? Truth is, it's because I couldn't remember recognising anymore actors when they weren't famous. And I didn't want to just take the easy way out and cheat by randomly picking an actor and refer to IMDb or Wikipedia. Yeap, it's true. Very rarely I refer to any sort of a database. Most of the things I wrote here in this blog, I did it from memory because I neither have a life or the need for a steady girlfriend.

*ahem* So the other night I was just thinking about what to write for an entry, and I began looking through my collection. But then I decided to just forget about it and watched a movie instead. That movie happened to be Mr. & Mrs. Smith starring the so-called "power couple" Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Although they did have excellent on-screen chemistry...
Some of you might have spotted this a lot sooner than I did, me I just discovered it a couple of nights ago. In the scene, Brad Pitt's character was tracking down who interfered with his work by bringing a laptop he salvaged to this tech girl. Her screen time was brief, but it was long enough for me to whisper out "eh?!" before leaning forward and pressed the pause button.

Of course, I had already known about her then, having seen her in movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [2005], Made of Honor [2008], Eagle Eye [2008] and of course, this year's Source Code. It's just that, at the time I had no idea that she was in this movie as well, despite having seen the movie only a few nights after it was released. I bet you also recognised her the moment you saw that still.

It's Michelle Monaghan. Sexy voice, cute smile and a nice slender figure...
Oh, on a side note, she wasn't the only one who wasn't a major star at the time they starred in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

There was Kerry Washington who would later star in The Last King of Scotland [2006]
And Jennifer Morrison who would later break into prominence through House M.D [2004-?]


Anonymous said...

Jennifer Morrison too? I didn't notice her in that movie.

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

Yeah, it was a pretty small role, although there's no missing her once you see her :)

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