Thursday, September 22, 2011

Breakthrough Roles #7

Anybody tuned in to the Disney Channel last night by any chance? You see, I was staring vacantly at the television while my brother was flipping through the channels. But then I caught a glimpse of Home Alone 3 [1997] that snapped me back to attention. It was the scene where Alex D. Linz's character was in bed, teased by his on-screen siblings for contracting chicken pox. I quickly I said "Go back! Go back!" when my brother flipped to another channel.

He did as I asked, looking at me quizzically while he was at it, probably thinking I'm too old to still find Home Alone to be funny. Indeed I am, I just needed to confirm what I saw before leaving the television, and sat down to write this entry. I told you, practically none of my entries are research. Most are just random thoughts and sheer dumb luck. Well anyway, this was what I saw;

She didn't change much, so it was no amazing feat that I recognised her. Although you have to admit, despite that, she still looked a little goofy and it's almost unimaginable that she was going to blossom into such a beauty. You see, actresses like Mila Kunis or Emma Watson, you can just tell from their first appearances that they're going to grow up into a couple of bombshells.

But apparently that was not the case for Scarlett Johansson. Well, we got that in common, Scarlett. We were both ugly ducklings. *ducks* Hey, who threw that?!!

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