Monday, September 5, 2011

That Other Snow White Movie

About a week ago we've learned that after Alice in Wonderland [2010] and Red Riding Hood [2011], another gritty retelling of a fairy tale is in the works, this time around it's Snow White. Interestingly, there's more than one in the making; there's the one starring Kristen Stewart and there's that other one we're going to talk about today, the one starring Lily Collins.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because she's also starring in Taylor Lautner's action movie vehicle, Abduction [2011]. Not to mention, the envy of Team Jacobs everywhere because she is rumoured to be his current girlfriend. I couldn't be bothered to check the authenticity of this claim, so Google it yourself, will ya?

Anyway, I must say I prefer the looks of that Kristen Stewart Snow White movie because of the artistic liberties they're taking. No doubt, first impressions can be misleading, but so far I'm diggin' the Joan of Arc treatment they're giving to the classic damsel in distress story.

However, there's one advantage this Snow White movie has going for it; Attached as director is the latest addition to my list of favourite directors, Tarsem Singh. If you have seen The Cell [2000] and The Fall [2006] then you would have some idea of what to expect. Say what you want about the guy, his visual style is just intriguing and he might just add an extra dimension to the ever-so-popular fairy tale.

Also starring in this movie are Julia Roberts as the Queen, and it has been reported that Sean Bean will play the King, while the role of the seven Dwarfs will be played by actual dwarf actors. And no, Sean Bean's Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage will not be in it.

As of right now, the rest of the details regarding this movie is still being kept under wraps. Patience is a virtue.

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