Monday, October 31, 2011

'Movies' by Alien Ant Farm

Last night I felt like traipsing down the memory lane, so I was listening to movie soundtracks from some of my favourite movies such as Fight Club [1999], Gladiator [2000], and Kingdom of Heaven [2005], just to name a few. But then I wanted to switch from film scores to songs I can sing along to, and suddenly I remembered these guys.

Those guys are from the band Alien Ant Farm. Never was a favourite band of mine, because the early 2000's were filled with bands with that similar Alternative rock sound. But they had a relative success with songs like their rendition of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal. Me, on the other hand, had always preferred their other hit song simply called Movies because, well, it kinda parodied the things we see in movies. That's the kind of band Alien Ant Farm was, never one to take themselves too seriously.

So here's the music video to that song, and see if you can recognise the characters they dressed up as in it, as well as a very very special cameo appearance.


asrap virtuoso said...

when did this song come out? the youtube video was uploaded in 2009... i thought mr. miyagi passed away long before that... unless thats not him in the clip..

Mamü Miguel Ellezda Vies said...

No, that's him alright. This song came out when I was still in school. Around 2001-2002, actually. It's just that VEVO is pretty recent.

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