Friday, November 11, 2011

Can Gina Carano Hold Her Own?

Movie Title: Haywire
Release Date: January 26th, 2012 (Malaysia)
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Starring: Gina Carano, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum

I recognised the face in a split second, as any fan of Mixed Martial Arts would. That lady you're going to see in the trailer is actually a legitimate ass-kicker in real life too and her name is Gina Carano. But it took me by surprise that she is starring in an action movie, even though it really shouldn't since the men of MMA have been doing the same thing. I guess the women's division is a lot to be desired, I have forgotten to pay it any attention.

Well, surely there will be a surge in attention now that Haywire is coming next January. Ladies and gents, brace yourself to see Jason Bourne with a vagina.

What surprised me even more was the amount of familiar faces starring in this movie, you could almost feel like it's Ocean's Fourteen. Not that it would be a coincidence since the movie is directed by Steven Soderbergh, which begs the question, can Gina Carano hold her own? Time will tell.

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