Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Liam Neeson Wants To Do Stand-up Comedy

Anyone here a fan of British humour? Or more specifically of comedian Ricky Gervais's brand of humour? I for one think he's beyond fantastic both as a stand up comedian as well as a comedic actor, earlier this year he even showcased his ability to turn the usually a dry movie awards ceremony into a comedy roast. Ladies and gents, after The Office [2001-2003] and Extras [2005-2007], Ricky Gervais is at it again with a brand new television show called Life's Too Short.

If you're familiar with the works of Gervais and his frequent collaborator, Stephen Merchant, then you would already know what to expect. Although I must say that's not at all a bad thing because watching my favourite actors playing a parody of themselves never gets old. Check out this video if you have the time, it had me in stitches watching Liam Neeson parody his... Well, Liam Neeson persona; a no-nonsense character wanting to do stand up comedy.

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asrap virtuoso said...

British sitcoms tend to not have many episodes in a season compared to the US... which is a shame coz I'm already addicted to the show

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