Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 More Guilty Pleasure Movies

Early in February, there was an entry about five of my guilty pleasure movies. I don't know what prompted me to write that, as I'm not exactly the type to wear my heart on my sleeve. But I guess it's the whole thing with Valentine's Day and the channels kept re-running all those romantic movies, it must have seeped into my subconscious as I was typing away for that day's entry.

Anyway, I just thought it would be interesting to revisit that little category as I actually have more than five guilty pleasure movies (duh!). But I also thought about not talking about movies released too far back in time, so you'd have a better chance of finding them, just in case you haven't seen any one of them, and you'd like to give it a try. So here we are, five more movies that I like, but wouldn't admit it in real life.

#5 A Good Year [2006]
Also known as that movie where Ridley Scott slept at the wheel, and Russell Crowe spent the entire time doing nothing but drink wine and tried to do slapstick comedy. Critics unleashed their hounds from hell at this movie, and apparently the masses too sided with them on this one. Heck, even I don't know what's so special about this movie. Of course there's Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe, one of my favourite combinations out of all director-actor collaborations. But for the most part I just like how this movie felt like a warm ray of sunlight after the rain has stopped.

#4 My Blueberry Nights [2007]
No, I didn't like this movie because of Norah Jones. She's not bad, but if there ever was an eye candy in the movie, for me it would be like a neck-and-neck race between Natalie Portman and Jude Law. Anyway, yes I love this movie, but it's not the kind I could watch time and time again. Every time I do, I could really feel the length of its running time. What's important to keep in mind about My Blueberry Nights is that it's literally like sex for women; The conditions and the mood have to be just right in order to get into it.

#3 No Reservations [2007]
How I came about watching this movie, it was one of those times when I had no idea what to see and chose a title at random. I did just that for No Reservations, expecting that even if I'm not going to like it, at least I can take comfort in seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones's beautiful smile. But then I went from watching it with sleepy eyes to leaning forward and resting my chin in my hands. Yeah, exactly like how you're imagining it right now; Like a schoolgirl swapping stories at a slumber party. It was this movie when Aaron Eckhart got into my list of actors I'll always be on a lookout for.

#2 Love Happens [2009]
Which was how I ended up giving this movie a try. I don't know about you, but for me there's hardly a difference between a Katherine Heigl movie, and any movie starring Jennifer Aniston; They're both okay actresses who would have long sank into the forgotten realms if it hadn't been for those trivial and asinine "Hottest Women" lists. But having Aaron Eckhart was not enough to deter me from switching the channels; Love Happens, despite its title, the love story was somehow only like a subplot, hence how it managed to be a chick flick without fully embracing the conventions of its genre.

#1 Just Like Heaven [2005]
Two characters who couldn't stand each other were brought together by destiny. Yeah, while it may sound like your run-of-the-mill Romantic-comedy/chick flick, it's actually the furthest thing from it. Just Like Heaven is Romantic-comedy done right, and it did that by not forgetting the 'comedy' part. The lines were romantic enough without feeling inauthentic, and the humour - while not laugh-out-loud type of humour - did not come in the form of its female lead falling down every now and then. Plus, it's Reese Witherspoon! How can you not fall in love with her?

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